Relaxing in Cartagena Colombia

After the completion of a trial my boyfriend had long been working on, we were both more than ready for a vacation. We quickly booked our tickets for a 5-day 6-night adventure to Cartagena, Colombia with only three days to plan our itinerary before leaving! Wanting to split our vacation into two parts, we spent the first few days at the Sofitel, a resort-like beachside hotel, and the final days at the cozier El Marques Boutique Hotel. We were thrilled with both locations and do not think we could have picked better places for our stay. Read More ›

Winter in Salzburg

When living in Austria several years ago, we noticed that our holidays took a different pace than usual. While they were still full of all the wonderful Christmas festivities we normally had, somehow they involved much less pressure. While being far from home during the holiday season certainly has its drawbacks, sometimes a new place forces us to adopt a different perspective than the one we typically have. Austria certainly did that for us, especially when we visited Salzburg. Read More ›

Food and Culture in New Orleans

I’ll be the first to admit I didn’t see the value in maintaining New Orleans following hurricane Katrina. How could such a vulnerable city be worth saving? It took exactly 37 seconds for me to realize how wrong I was once we arrived for our New Orleans vacation. New Orleans is a cultural treat because it doesn’t fit into any one typical category. The city is bursting with energy! Live music abounds everywhere in the French Quarter and the food is truly a cultural phenomenon rich in seafood, spice and strong flavors. Moreover, the nightlife can’t be missed. Certainly Bourbon Street is an everlasting party, but the rest of the city is raucous as well. We stayed at the beautiful, yet comfortable Bourbon Orleans Hotel. The hotel is old, grand and a suitable place to rest when one must sleep. Make sure to ask for an interior room as the hotel borders Bourbon Street and some rooms can be loud at night. We did not come to the city for the hotel, though, but for the food and for the drinks. While I despise the term, one could easily classify my wife and me as “foodies.” So often when we travel it’s to experience culture and food. Read More ›

Breathtaking Scenes from Paris

While I had been to Paris a few times before, I had yet to visit with my treasured film camera in tow. On my most recent trip to the area I was after just one thing, the very best view of the city. I longed to see the soft creme buildings with a distant Eiffel Tower rounding out my image on an overcast day. My wish was granted when a local friend took us to the top of the Printemps Department Store. On one side of the roof there was a view of the Eiffel Tower, while on the other there were endless white churches. It was everything one imagines Paris to look like from above. As an added bonus the infamous Ladurée store was situated inside the same building, selling their amazing macarons. Enjoying a salted butter macaron with a stunning view of the city was magical. Somehow, being far above the city with an incredible view took away all the feelings of being a tourist and brought a nice calmness to such a busy place. Read More ›