Mosques and Markets of Istanbul

My husband and I had the pleasure of visiting Istanbul for three days during our honeymoon. We went with stories of a vibrant culture, luscious colors, spices and fabrics, and Turkey most certainly did not disappoint! As soon as we arrived in Istanbul we stopped for the much talked about apple tea. It was sweet and delicious and everywhere we went we saw people serving it to one another as a friendly gesture.

Hagia Sophia

Hot Tea for Two in IstanbulMan in Traditional Turkish Attire in Istanbul

Hat Salesman in Istanbul

One of the nice things about Istanbul is seeing the various mosques. We had the pleasure of visiting the Blue Mosque, which was unbelievably beautiful. The detailing in the ceilings and the stained glass windows was stunning. It’s incredible to think about the amount of work that went into such a holy place. We watched as men washed their hands, feet and faces before entering, while women were careful to cover their heads before walking inside.

Washing Feet at the Istanbul Blue MosqueIstanbul Blue Mosque Exterior

Interior Details at the Istanbul Blue MosqueDetailed Ceiling at the Istanbul Blue Mosque

After walking across one of the city’s many fishing bridges, we entered the spice market. It was full of delicious desserts, meats, cheeses and, of course, spices. We loved feeling like we were engulfed in the culture. This is where many of the locals shop and the streets were filled with vendors selling various things. There was no shortage of baklava, lanterns, tea sets and Turkish Delight!

Fishing from the Bridge in IstanbulDerya Ferry of Istanbul

Buying Spices at the Istanbul Spice Market

Shrimp at the Istanbul Spice MarketLokum at the Istanbul Spice Market

After a ten minute walk further into the heart of the city we stumbled across the Grand Bazaar. The streets were jam-packed with locals and tourists and as such it was one of the largest markets we have ever been to! We spent the following two days walking about, eating and shopping. We found the people of Istanbul to be so friendly and while we truly did spend our entire time covering the city on foot, I’m still confident we weren’t able to see all this beautiful place had to offer.

Walking the Streets of the Istanbul Grand BazaarSilver at the Istanbul Grand Bazaar

The Details

We suggest taking the time to explore at least one mosque while in Istanbul. We opted for the Blue Mosque and truly enjoyed our time there.

A trip to the Grand Bazaar is a must while in the city!

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  1. I travelled all around Turkey 2 years ago and these images brought back some amazing memories. It truly is one of the most special places I’ve ever visited.

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