Bicycles and Waterways of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of those places that just makes you wish you could stay longer. Transportation is easy and everywhere and the city most definitely caters to cyclists. During our visit we rode our bikes all over the area, checking out all the major stops and even heading to the nearby fishing village of Volendam.

Woman Reading Beside Her Bicycle in AmsterdamBikes on the Bridge in Amsterdam

Sunlit Streets in AmsterdamTulip Souvenirs in Amsterdam

Eating Raw Herring in AmsterdamBoys Eating Raw Herring in Amsterdam

One thing I couldn’t get enough of in Amsterdam were the cheese tasting factories on seemingly every corner. I am still regretting not bringing back a year’s supply from our trip!

Cheesemonger in Amsterdamda Portare Via Pizza in Amsterdam

By day you can also enjoy the plethora of Amsterdam parks. One of the highlights of my trip was cruising the many park pathways on my bike and resting in the sun. You can expect to see a lot of greenery in Amsterdam and the city areas are maintained very beautifully.

Bike Tour in Amsterdam

The red light district is not to be missed, but it’s just a small portion of what makes Amsterdam unique to other European cities. Expect to see many tourists packed into the area for its upbeat cafes, shopping, restaurants and, of course, for the women!

Amsterdam Red Light District at Night

Toasting at the Canal in AmsterdamChampagne in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Architecture at Night


  • Make sure to stop by the infamous I Amsterdam sign at Museumplein.
  • The coastal town of Volendam (approx. 30 min. away) is an easy escape from the city.
  • Enjoy a canal ride on a boat at night (ours began near the Red Light District).
  • The Anne Frank House is sure to provide an emotional and educational experience for all.
  • Eat a raw herring! It’s a must while in Amsterdam.

Kayla Beiler is a Vancouver, British Columbia wedding and portrait photographer. Much of her time building her photography career has been spent traveling the world and capturing life as she sees it. Helping those around her pick and choose the ultimate destination is what she strives to do.

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  1. Lindsey Isdahl writes...

    I am taking a trip to Europe this spring and love your blog. Simple and informative. I was also curious what type of lens you use during your travel. Especially the night shots.

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