Wandering the Streets of Rome

Earlier this summer I took a trip to Rome to join a few friends for a girls weekend and birthday celebration. While this was not my first trip to the city, it was certainly my first visit with such rainy weather. Fortunately for us, it stopped raining on our second day and we were welcomed with enough sunshine to enjoy dining al Fresco. Read More ›

The Walled City of Dubrovnik Croatia

Croatia has recently popped onto the radar as a hot travel destination in Europe, and after my husband and I had the opportunity to visit the popular city of Dubrovnik this past July, we could not agree more. Between the amazing landscape, perfect weather, delicious food, fields of lavender, and relaxing by the gorgeous Adriatic Sea, we were spoiled rotten. Read More ›

Exploring Victoria British Columbia

For those arriving to Victoria, British Columbia via ferry, the first steps off the boat are met by the gorgeously simple Huntingdon Manor and its surrounding shops and eateries. Only a short distance from the Manor are a collection of wonderful boutiques, cobbled streets, and some of the most incredible fresh seafood. One could easily spend an entire afternoon enjoying the picturesque neighborhood. Read More ›

Discovering Antwerp

I recently traveled to Belgium for the very first time and I absolutely loved it. Despite the fact that Belgium is a very small country when compared to my home country of Turkey, it has its own way of attracting people. Antwerp especially drew me in on this trip and I enjoyed every last mile of it. Being able to discover the city with the help of locals (I stayed with fellow photographer friends on my trip) truly made the experience. Small coffee shops with great coffee, designer stores (of which I still have a few left to visit), peaceful streets, and amazing art added color to the dark, northern European weather. Antwerp should be a must-see on everyone’s Europe travel list. Read More ›