The Medieval Town of Uzes France

Every summer we spend a week in the French town of Uzes. It is a magical place and we love wandering through its narrow lanes, buying food from the market and having dinner outdoors in the main square, the Place aux Herbes. The center of this medieval town is entirely pedestrianized and with its towers, battlements and flags, it’s like stepping back in time.

Outdoor Dining in Uzes FranceWood Door in Uzes France

Fountain in the Place aux Herbes in Uzes FrancePatio Seating in the Place aux Herbes in Uzes France

Every evening we take a late-night stroll through the quiet streets, eating ice cream and imagining musketeers dashing through the town. One crooked lane is even called “Rue de l’Epee”, or “Sword Street”! Just a few hours later the streets are crowded and bustling again, particularly on market days, when it can be difficult to move at all. There is usually some kind of festival on the weekend, whether it’s fireworks to mark Bastille Day, herding of bulls through the streets or, one year, a parade with a giant mechanical dragon.

Metal Chairs in Uzes FranceCobblestone Alley in Uzes France

The charm of Uzes is that it feels so ancient, and yet at the same time so vibrant and alive. There always seems to be something going on, but then you turn a corner and are in a quiet courtyard that looks just as it would have centuries ago. We love feeling like part of the ebb and flow of the town’s life, even if it’s just for one week a year.

Street Corner in Uzes FranceWindow Shutters in Uzes France

Cinema le Capitole in Uzes FranceStraw Baskets and Brooms in Uzes France

Kirstin Mckee is a London-based family doctor who loves food and photography.

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  1. Every year when Kirstin and her family visit this gorgeous town I eagerly await the beautiful photographs!!!! And every year Kirstin captures the ancient atmosphere yet the incredible vitality of this medieval place!!! I think when an artist makes the viewer feel the heart of a place, fills one with strong feelings and allows us to feel like we are there, then they have done their job. Kirstin is a true artist!

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