Hometown Highlights

A Local’s Guide to Seattle

After moving to Seattle just over two years ago from Florida, I felt like I was in a new world of year-around activities. The weather is mild — Florida-like thunderstorms are incredibly rare. You can always throw on a jacket and head to the mountains, the water, a plethora of tourist sites, and, of course, a number of gems in our thriving food scene. Traveler’s Tip: Unless you’re visiting in the summer, come prepared with a hooded rain jacket. Leave your umbrellas at home, or you’ll stick out like a sore thumb! Read More ›

A Local’s Guide to Brooklyn

Let’s face it, Brooklyn is on everyone’s shortlist. It’s a hotbed of creativity, hip people sighting, and there’s just a general ‘cool’ factor that’s off the charts. Unfortunately many visitors only stroll a street or two in Williamsburg and claim to have visited Brooklyn, unbeknownst to the fact that Williamsburg is only one of over 5 dozen Brooklyn neighborhoods (that’s right—66 at last count). I’m so thrilled to share some of my favorite spots in the borough. In addition to some of Williamsburg’s tried + true gems, there’s another Brooklyn to be explored! Places like Carroll Gardens, Red Hook, Coney Island + Bushwick are also booming with must eats, must sees + must dos. Read More ›

A Local’s Guide to San Francisco

When I initially started to think about everything that makes San Francisco what it is, I suddenly began to feel overwhelmed by the amazingness of this city and the things I’ve yet to explore. After living here for so long and spending two wonderful years working downtown, my hope is that this collection of my favorite places and spaces helps others enjoy this happy town like a local. There are so many incredible aspects of this city, from fine arts to great food to amazing shopping. Whether it’s jogging through the Panhandle on a weekday afternoon, riding bikes across the Golden Gate Bridge, or stopping by Stern Grove for a quintessential summer evening, this big city truly feels like my small-town home. Read More ›