Strolling in Aix-en-Provence

They say that the college years are some of the best in one’s life, and for me this phrase couldn’t be any closer to the truth. After spending five years attending university in Aix-en-Provence, some of my most cherished memories take place in this charming city. Read More ›

European Flair in Quebec City

The classic European architecture, cathedrals and café-lined cobblestone streets of Quebec City could easily fool one into thinking she’s wandering around an old French city, especially after finding that many locals don’t speak English. But this beautiful city is actually just a few hours north of the US border, making it a great destination for an exotic escape that’s still close to home. Read More ›

Bohemian Barcelona

The sun was shining on Gaudi’s city when we visited Barcelona this past spring. This was my first trip to the city and from the beginning I was amazed by the energy of the place; this was a city with a real zest for life! Barcelona is a place of art, music, color and tapas, and as I’m sure anyone who has been fortunate enough to visit will agree, it has an incredibly strong and unique identity. It’s a vibrant, bohemian place with street performers on every other corner, people dancing in the street, a buzzing café culture and architecture so flamboyant and unusual it will blow your mind. Read More ›

Autumn in Copenhagen

Wandering around the streets of Copenhagen, it’s hard not to fall in love with this ancient yet modern city. From the herds of happy Danes (the happiest people in the world!) on bikes, to the copper spires and statues, it’s the perfect city for a weekend away. Read More ›

The Vibrant City of Barcelona

Barcelona has always been my wife’s dream destination and, as excited as I was about another travel adventure, my expectations of the city were low. “It’s no Paris,” I thought to myself. However, each time we mentioned to someone that we were going to Barcelona, we were met with unending enthusiasm, and now I understand why. Read More ›