Discovering Antwerp

I recently traveled to Belgium for the very first time and I absolutely loved it. Despite the fact that Belgium is a very small country when compared to my home country of Turkey, it has its own way of attracting people. Antwerp especially drew me in on this trip and I enjoyed every last mile of it. Being able to discover the city with the help of locals (I stayed with fellow photographer friends on my trip) truly made the experience. Small coffee shops with great coffee, designer stores (of which I still have a few left to visit), peaceful streets, and amazing art added color to the dark, northern European weather. Antwerp should be a must-see on everyone’s Europe travel list.

Outdoor Seating at Cafe Sileau in Antwerp Belgium
Patio Dining in Antwerp Belgium
Bicycle in Antwerp Belgium
Wine Store in Antwerp Belgium
Belgian Beers in Antwerp Belgium
Walking the Sidewalks of Antwerp Belgium
Couleur Locale in Antwerp Belgium
Buildings on the Water in Antwerp Belgium
Tattooshop in Antwerp Belgium
Bistro Seating in Antwerp Belgium

Yeliz Atici is a Turkish wedding photographer who travels the world to enjoy the diversity of different cultures and the beauty of different cities.


  1. Avalon Avatar

    These pictures are beautiful. I went to Antwerp a couple of years ago for a long weekend and to visit a food festival, and loved it! I’d love to go back for a longer holiday some time.

  2. Jolien Avatar

    Your pictures are absolutely stunning and make me want to visit Antwerp again! On your next trip to Belgium, you should definitely visit Bruges! It is not too far away from Antwerp and it is a truly gorgeous and vibrant little city, very romantic too! I’ve lived here all my life and I am still amazed with the views every day!

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