Exploring the Islands of Venice

We began our trip to Venice in the tiny little village of Malamocco on the island of Lido di Venezia. It’s an unusual destination when traveling to the area, but it’s well worth a visit. The town has ancient origins and, before the foundation of Venice, was chosen as capital of the Venetian State. Venezia Lido is the perfect place to stay when visiting Venice as it’s a wonderful and calm retreat, far from the crowds and the noise of the city. During our stay we made our home at Ca’ del Moro, a pretty little hotel with an ancient hall and a lovely secret garden.

Church in Malamocco Venice

Details at the Hotel Ca del Moro in Malamocco VeniceHotel Ca del Moro in Malamocco Venice

The second portion of our trip took us to Murano, famed for its glass works. Once in the village, we were in awe of just how colorful and different from Venezia the town was. It seemed as though there was a glass work store in nearly every little house along the canal. The hard work and craftsmanship behind each glass vase, or jewel, or lamp, was absolutely incredible. We were lucky enough to have Mr. Pastorello, a glass blowing master at the Ferro Lazzarini factory, illustrate the process of creating a Murrina vase and a decorated wine glass.

Touring the Ferro Lazzarini Factory in Murano Italy

Hanging Lanterns at the Ferro Lazzarini Factory in Murano ItalyGlassworking Tools at the Ferro Lazzarini Factory in Murano Italy

Getting to Murano is quite an experience in and of itself. One can take the ferry at Fondamente Nuove and enjoy the ride leaving Venice as one passes by San Michele, a Catholic cemetery island with brick walls and tall cypress trees.

Blue Skies in Murano Italy

Getting back to Venice, sailing along sestiere Castello and its shipbuilding factories, we discovered an unexpected character of the city in its industrial soul. That evening, we slowly re-immersed in the historic city center, wandering among the streets and bridges, strolling through all the main attractions, and dining to tasty “cicchetti” and “spritz” at Cantine del Vino in sestiere Dorsoduro.

Wine Shop in Venice Italy

Basilica San Marco in Venice ItalyNarrow Alleys of Venice Italy

Skyline of Venice Italy

Bistrot de Venise Restaurant in Venice ItalyStone Foot Bridge in Venice Italy


Ca’ del Moro
Via Malamocco, 30126 Venezia Lido,
Venezia, Italy

The Details

  • Visiting the Ferro Lazzarini glass blowing factory in Murano was a full day experience that we couldn’t pass up!
  • For a delicious meal in Venice proper, stop by Cantine del Vino.

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