The Vibrant Streets of Seoul

Seoul is a lively city with quaint charms both hidden and easily found around every corner. Having spent a large part of my childhood there, I have a special love for Korea and its capital, where each district feels like its own city within a city.

Streets of Seoul South Korea

Relaxing at a Cafe in Seoul

Coffee shops, restaurants, street food, boutiques, theaters and galleries lineup the streets. I’ve always said that if they call New York City the city that never sleeps, they have clearly never been to Seoul! This city truly never takes a rest from the hustle and bustle of activity.

Street Food in Seoul South Korea

Dinner Spread in Seoul South Korea

Sweaters in Garosugil Seoul

On this trip, I spent time in the districts of Hongdae, Sam Chung Dong, Jungja, and central Gangnam with its popular shopping district, Garosugil.

Animal Keychains in Seoul South Korea

Gangnam Style Poster in Gangnam Seoul South Korea


Intercontinental Hotel Coex
524 Bongeunsaro Gangnam-Gu
Seoul 135-975 KOREA

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