Wandering in Athens

Greece is magical! The people, the buildings, the history, the food – oh the food! – everything is amazing. Our entire experience felt like a dream and sometimes I still can’t believe we spent two precious weeks in the county – two weeks that have left an aching in my heart. I ache for lazy walks through Plaka, to see the splendor of the Acropolis again and to take in the breathtaking views of the Caldera in Santorini.

Acropolis of Athens

Athens Greece from Above

Athens Greece RuinsAthens from Above

From start to finish trip spanned 12 long days. Two days travel to and from, two days in Athens, four in Mykonos, and four in Santorini. We arrived in Athens after a 16+ hour flight and quickly realized it was worth every agonizing, smelly, claustrophobic, back breaking hour. As we were in the taxi getting a little mini-tour from our driver on the way to our hotel, I couldn’t help but get teary. I’d been dreaming of traveling to Greece for so long and we were finally there! Originally we had thought we would skip out on Athens when we’d heard it was crowded and dirty. I am so glad we decided to stay a few nights. I absolutely fell in love with this city and only wish we could have stayed longer!

Potted Plants in Greece

Violinist in AthensAlley in Athens

Colorful Flags in AthensMan and Dog in Athens

Not returning to this beautiful country is simply not an option for me. There is so much more that I want to see and discover about this ancient land. Until then, I am so thankful to have my memories and thousands of photographs.

Historic Buildings of Athens

Arches in AthensWrought Iron in Athens

Greece Flag


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  1. Jessica B. writes...

    Stunning images Jody! I’ve always wanted to visit Greece, but now it’s definitely at the top of the to do list!

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