Streets of Poznan

There’s no need to follow a tourist guide in order to discover the spirit of Poznan! As the fifth largest city (and one of the oldest) in Poland, Poznan immediately impresses. Travelers will be pleasantly surprised with a desire to discover more of this city’s hidden streets, tucked-away churches and friendly atmosphere. Poznan offers its visitors a great blend of both old and new with its historic architecture and a modern wave of vibrant cafes and hotels.

Morning in Poznan Poland
Scenes from Poznan Poland
Historic Buildings in Poznan Poland
Bumerang Bistro in Poznan Poland
City Train in Poznan Poland
Apple Basket in Poznan Poland
Market in Poznan Poland
Puppy in Poznan Poland
Painted Chairs in Poznan Poland
Touring Poznan Poland


Hotel City Solei
ul Wenecjanska 10, Stare Miasto
61-101 Poznan, Poland

Radostina Boseva is a graphic designer, stylist, photographer, art director, and editor of the blog 79 Ideas.



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