Destination: Europe

Wine Tour of France’s Rhone Valley

I love wine and I’ve been a big fan of the Rhone Valley wines since my Aunt introduced me to a Crozes Hermitage. I’ve wanted to visit the beautiful hills that produced this wine for a few years now and I’m so happy that we did. Wine tasting in France is much different from in Napa or Sonoma; it’s nowhere near as commercialized as it is here. The vineyards and their productions are fairly small, and the wine growers will be the ones to show you around and pour their wines. Whereas Napa feels like Disneyland, this feels like real life. I knew that we needed to have a guide as it would just make everything so much easier. I found Paul of Rhone Wine Tours through a Google search and he was absolutely amazing! Read More ›

A Swiss Adventure

We began our Swiss adventure in Lucerne, an old, traditional town in the north, towards Germany. We loved our ironically ultra-modern accommodations at Hotel LeStelle, just near the square in Old Town Lucerne. Highlights of our time in the city included walks along the water, the “best sandwich in Switzerland” from Twiny Station, sunrises and sunset on the water, and of course people watching and photo taking. To keep things simple we carried a few old Nikon FE’s on this trip as opposed to our professional medium format film cameras. Read More ›

Exploring the Islands of Venice

We began our trip to Venice in the tiny little village of Malamocco on the island of Lido di Venezia. It’s an unusual destination when traveling to the area, but it’s well worth a visit. The town has ancient origins and, before the foundation of Venice, was chosen as capital of the Venetian State. Venezia Lido is the perfect place to stay when visiting Venice as it’s a wonderful and calm retreat, far from the crowds and the noise of the city. During our stay we made our home at Ca’ del Moro, a pretty little hotel with an ancient hall and a lovely secret garden. Read More ›

Winter in Salzburg

When living in Austria several years ago, we noticed that our holidays took a different pace than usual. While they were still full of all the wonderful Christmas festivities we normally had, somehow they involved much less pressure. While being far from home during the holiday season certainly has its drawbacks, sometimes a new place forces us to adopt a different perspective than the one we typically have. Austria certainly did that for us, especially when we visited Salzburg. Read More ›