London’s Borough Market

My favorite city in the world, London is a traveler’s dream. And nowhere is the city’s personality more evident than in its various markets. Bustling, vibrant, and full of treasures, each of London’s markets specialize in different types of goods. I have a few favorites, but none more so than Borough Market. One of the best spots to spend a Saturday morning, Borough Market is one of the oldest foot markets in London, with over 100 tempting offerings. It features many of London’s well-known traders, such as Pieminster, La tua pasta, and Boston Sausage. Just thinking about the fresh prosciutto, hot mulled wine, and chocolates from Rabot Estate has my mouth watering!

Borough Market
Flower Shop at Borough Market
Borough Market London
Chez Michele Borough Market
Charcuterie at Borough Market
Fresh Prosciutto at Borough Market
Mulled Wine at Borough Market
Rabot Estate

The Details

Borough Market
8 Southwark Street
London Bridge Station (Jubilee and Northern lines)

Hours: 9:45-3:15 Mon-Wed, 10:45-5:15 Thu, 11:45-6:15 Fri, 7:45-5:15 Saturday

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  1. Lisa Pires Avatar

    Me too! Love this place! I miss it ..

    1. Ami Price Avatar

      I literally ACHE for London sometimes!

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