Destination: Greece

Smitten with Santorini

From the moment I first stepped foot on Santorini, I was instantly smitten. Everything from the incredible Greek cuisine to the small villages, quaint atmospheres and awe-inspiring landscapes of Santorini has a way of truly capturing one’s heart. Read More ›

The Last Days of Summer in Corfu

My husband and I had just spent an eventful month travelling from Croatia through Montenegro and Albania, and after spending each day moving about and discovering the beautiful sights of these places, we wanted our last spot to help us completely unwind. Because our criteria was to spend all day lying on the beach and eating great food, ending the holiday in Corfu was the perfect answer! Read More ›

Scenes from Santorini

As soon as we landed on the island of Santorini we were warmly greeted by the staff at the airport. We quickly hopped into a taxi and headed straight for the nearby city of Oia, just 25 minutes away. Once in Oia the staff at the tourist center grabbed our bags and walked us right to our room at the Caldera Villa. The room overlooked the sea and was incredibly affordable seeing as we were traveling off-season. Santorini was so quiet and the stillness of the island was amazing. Everyone was relaxed and preparing for the tourist season to start. We absolutely loved meeting the locals and found that they were so eager to serve. Read More ›