Peaceful Days in Kefalonia Greece

Dramatic cliff edges, crystal clear water, lush green landscapes, chattering cicadas and quiet hazy sunsets are all things I’ll think of when I remember my short time in Kefalonia earlier this summer. Most of all, I’ll remember the warmth and generosity of the people of this island.

Oceanside Cliffs in Kefalonia Greece
Old Stone Tunnel in Kefalonia Greece
Docked Boat in Kefalonia Greece

Just before the sun reached its highest point each day, we watched as a shepherd would gather his tribe of goats and walk them up a dusty track from Petani Bay to his small holding. I was a little wary and wondered if he’d mind my taking a photograph of him and his herd. I had no need to worry. We spoke no Greek and he spoke no English, but we managed to understand each other. He was pleased to see us and happy we were showing an interest in his land and his work. He delved deep into his bag and with a broad smile presented us with three freshly picked figs. At that moment I knew, this was a special place.

Cattle in Kefalonia Greece
Olive Grove in Kefalonia Greece

While in Kefalonia we stayed at a wonderful hotel on the west coast of the island called Petani Bay Hotel. I can’t recommend it enough!

Stone Steps in Kefalonia Greece
Pink Iron Doors in Kefalonia Greece
Outdoor Cafe in Kefalonia Greece
Patio Dining in Kefalonia Greece
Lone Olive Tree in Kefalonia Greece
Pink Flowers in Kefalonia Greece


Petani Bay Hotel
Petani Beach Paliki
Kefalonia 282 00, Greece

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