Destination: Asia

Touring Dehli and Jaisalmer India

On the first of October I embarked on an incredible, if brief, trip to India to attend a friend’s wedding in Jaisalmer. Our journey went like this: Manhattan to Newark by train (1.5-hours, with hiccups). Newark to Delhi (14-hour flight). Delhi overnight. Delhi to Jodhpur (1-hour flight). And Jodhpur to the palace outside Jaisalmer (6-hour bus ride). So the travel took about four days and we were only in India for four days, but it was so completely worth it! Our hotel in Delhi was located in Hauz Khas Village, which is now a very artsy and happening neighborhood built next to a historic site. The next morning I woke up early to check out the historic ruins that were literally next door to our apartment. These Islamic structures are traced back to the 13th century. Read More ›

Exploring Vietnam

On our trip to Vietnam we covered four amazing spots; Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, Sapa and Hoi An. Hanoi was a busy city and a lot bigger than I was expecting. The locals mainly use motor bikes to get around and the sound of honking is loud and never ending. We took a walk through the city to be greeted by vendors selling pretty much anything you could imagine, and stopped to relax at the old city Hoan Kiem Lake. I must say, it was busy, smelly and very hot, and we were ready for water and less people! Ha Long Bay was a breath of fresh air – literally! We boarded our boat with eight other people and set sail into the beautiful green waters, surrounded by hundreds of limestone haystacks. Read More ›

Island-Hopping in Langkawi

Langkawi, an archipelago of 104 tiny islands in the Andamon Sea in the state of Kedah, is last on our itinerary but the place I’ve been most excited to see since I found out I’d be traveling with a small group to Malaysia this summer to celebrate the extraordinary Colours of 1Malaysia festival and attend AEROMEET, an annual national tourism outreach program. When we reach Langkawi, we’ve already been traveling through Malaysia for the past nine days, first exploring ultra-hip Kuala Lumpur and the famous Hindi statues at Batu Caves, then heading to Borneo, where we watched orangutans and took boats out to meet the infamous long-nosed proboscis monkeys, and now, we’re here: in beautiful Langkawi. The flight from Kuala Lumpur was only 55 minutes, which makes it an easy vacation destination for local Malays or for anyone traveling through the capital of the youngest country in Asia. Langkawi is where we can finally rest, visit the islands, enjoy fresh seafood, swim in the sea, and think about everything we’ve learned about this magnificent place over the past nine days. Read More ›

Highlights of Northern Malaysia

For our journey to Malaysia we crossed the border from Thailand into Langkawi, the northernmost island in the country, via a quick ferry ride (the land crossing can be a bit dangerous). It turned out to be a great way to go because Langkawi is so beautiful! With only a day to explore we opted to take the cable car up to the top peak on the island for incredible panoramic views of the surrounding area. We spent the rest of our time exploring the town on foot and stuffing our faces with the incredible Indian food at Nasi Kandar Tomato. To this day, the meals we had there were some of the best of our entire four-month trip. Read More ›