The Land of Many Islands

The Philippines might better be named ‘The Land of Many Islands’ as it’s a country made up of over 7,000 islands both small and big. During my ten-day journey through this vibrant land I was able to visit a main island, Mindanao, and two smaller islands surrounding Davao City, Samal and Taligud. Though I have many memories of my trip, there are only a handful I hold close to my heart. These include my moments spent by the water and my time diving beneath the sea.

Beach Huts in the Philippines

Pearl Farm Resort in the PhilippinesWalkway in the Philippines

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Water Taxi of the Philippines

It could be my childhood obsession with the ocean that has drawn me to admire every moment spent in the small islands, but I long for the perfect warm waters and the bluest skies painted above me. In the Philippines I was in awe of the magical world within the coral reefs, the stunningly bright colors and the most beautiful fishes swimming around me as I dove 40 feet below the surface. Diving in the coral garden of Davao, with such life vibrantly living everywhere, is a view I shall never forget!

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