Exploring Vietnam

On our trip to Vietnam we covered four amazing spots; Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, Sapa and Hoi An. Hanoi was a busy city and a lot bigger than I was expecting. The locals mainly use motor bikes to get around and the sound of honking is loud and never ending. We took a walk through the city to be greeted by vendors selling pretty much anything you could imagine, and stopped to relax at the old city Hoan Kiem Lake. I must say, it was busy, smelly and very hot, and we were ready for water and less people! Ha Long Bay was a breath of fresh air – literally! We boarded our boat with eight other people and set sail into the beautiful green waters, surrounded by hundreds of limestone haystacks. Read More ›

London’s Borough Market

My favorite city in the world, London is a traveler’s dream. And nowhere is the city’s personality more evident than in its various markets. Bustling, vibrant, and full of treasures, each of London’s markets specialize in different types of goods. I have a few favorites, but none more so than Borough Market. One of the best spots to spend a Saturday morning, Borough Market is one of the oldest foot markets in London, with over 100 tempting offerings. It features many of London’s well-known traders, such as Pieminster, La tua pasta, and Boston Sausage. Just thinking about the fresh prosciutto, hot mulled wine, and chocolates from Rabot Estate has my mouth watering! Read More ›

Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda and Uganda

While I’m a city girl at heart, the one thing that can bring me out into the jungle for a six-hour trek through the rainforest is a gorilla! Gorilla trekking in the Virunga Volcanic Mountains of Rwanda is not for the faint of heart (or weak of muscle). What it is is the most amazing wildlife encounter I have ever experienced. Gorilla trekking might have been strenuous and exhausting, but the moment I saw those majestic apes standing a mere few feet away from me is a moment I will cherish for the rest of my life. Read More ›

Wildlife in the Arctic

Bundled up against the cold gust of the Arctic wind, I stared out over the endless ocean of ice and fog in front of me, hoping the spot I saw in the distance was in fact a polar bear. After four days at sea on one of the foggiest July trips on record around Svalbard, we had yet to spot a polar bear. In contrast, the ship the week before had 18 sightings on their 12 days at sea! Read More ›

South Africa + a Safari in Namibia

We arrived in Cape Town with a beautiful view of the ocean from our hotel. My husband and I had bid on a safari trip to Namibia and we added a trip to Cape Town on to it. We had visited South Africa years ago but wanted everything to go as smoothly as possible when traveling with our family. As such, we arranged for a few days in the city with Jacques, our private tour guide. We began with a drive around the cape on our way to the ferry for Seal Island. The water was a bit rough but that didn’t stop us. It was incredible to see all the seals and I was thankful no sharks joined us for dinner! Next we made our way to the beautiful landscape of Cape of Good Hope. Here we saw wild ostrich, lots of baboons, and even a few penguins up close. Read More ›