Colonial Williamsburg

As a child I often visited Colonial Williamsburg with my parents and grandparents. The memories of so thoroughly being able to step back in time have stayed with me my entire life. Last spring I decided it was time that I took my own children to Williamsburg to experience the colonial ways of life.

While Cape Code in Colonial Williamsburg
Gardening in Colonial Williamsburg
Horse and Rider in Colonial Williamsburg
Woman in Traditional Attire in Colonial Williamsburg

We purchased a day pass for the area so that we would have access to the entire town. Much to my surprise things were just as I remembered as a child! The entire town was in full period costume, spoke the dialect, and worked on their specific trades nourishing the growth of the community. We visited the blacksmith, dressmakers, jewelers, carpenters, apothecary, jail, restaurants, gunsmith and even the political houses.

Bookbinder in Colonial Williamsburg
Book Binding in Colonial Williamsburg
Woman Carving Meat in Colonial Williamsburg
Blacksmith and Fire in Colonial Williamsburg

Marching bands, re-enactments of speeches, and political debates filled the streets as we wandered in and out of buildings. The town’s people were all very knowledgeable about their particular area of expertise and were extremely kind in answering questions about their lifestyle during the colonial period. My children, ages 13, 9 and 5, absolutely loved our visit and have asked to go back. It’s a trip we will definitely plan again!

Pantry in Colonial Williamsburg Home
Leather Craftsmen in Colonial Williamsburg

Marta Locklear is a fine art photographer based in Alexandria, VA. She travels worldwide photographing beautiful events.