Neuschwanstein Castle

Hello from Salzburg! If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you may know that I’m enjoying a little trip to Europe this week. We began our 10-day hop in Munich, where we took a day trip to Neuschwanstein Castle! You may know Neuschwanstein, as it was the inspiration for Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Castle.


Many visit Neuschwanstein Castle on a tour, which is absolutely not necessary—save your money! Here’s all of the info you will need to visit Neuschwanstein on your own (and on the cheap).

The Day Before Two Days Before

First thing’s first, you should reserve your Neuschwanstein tickets. If you are following my timeline, reserve the 1:55 2:25 PM tour. You must do this prior to 5pm on the day before 3pm two days before you want to visit. Your card is not charged when you reserve, and you may cancel with 2 hours notice before your tour time.

UPDATE 4/10/2015 – The Neuschwanstein website now requires you book two days ahead, before 3:00 PM local time.

Getting There

On the morning of your visit, you will take the 9:53 AM train to Füssen from the Munich Hbf. You will want to purchase a Bayern ticket from the U-Bahn or S-Bahn station closest to you, as your U-Bahn ride to the Hauptbahnhof is covered by the ticket. The Bayern ticket can be used in a single day from 9am until 3am, and is valid for your train and bus tickets to Hohenschwangau, the tiny little village where you will find the ticket center for Neuschwanstein. A Bayern ticket for 2 adults was €26—a significant value over single train tickets.

When you arrive at the Füssen train station, simply follow everyone else to the buses right next door and take bus 78 to the Castles. The bus drops you off just downhill from the ticket center, where you will walk through the reserved lane to pick up your tour tickets. You must pick up your tickets before 12:55, but this won’t be a problem, as you will be there at around 12:20!

From the ticket center, walk a bit uphill to catch the bus. You could choose to walk, but the bus is worth the €2.60 return journey ticket price. It’s a steep climb, and there are sadly not many views along the way. The bus will drop you at Marienbrücke, the beautiful cantilever bridge where you can see the castle in the distance.

After several minutes admiring the castle from Marienbrücke, make your way on the marked path towards the castle entrance. It’s a 15 minute uphill walk. Along the way you are treated to a beautiful panoramic view of Hohenschwangau.

As you should have 15-20 minutes left before your tour entry, wander down from the entrance to the small viewing platform where you can see just a bit of the castle’s front. Then head up to the entrance for your tour. The castle was barely lived in, so the interior is pristine. There is even a (strangely Disney-like) grotto!

Back to Munich

After the 30 minute tour, head back to Marienbrücke, where you will pick up your return bus down to Hohenschwangau. Don’t dally as you have a train to catch! From there, walk back downhill past the ticket center to pick up the bus back to Füssen. The bus is scheduled to leave at 3:40 PM, but we were able to hop on at 3:20. There are two buses scheduled, at 3:40 PM and 3:50 PM. Both will get you to Fussen train station in time to make the 4:06, but it’s a tight connection. Whichever bus you take, you will get on the 4:06 PM train back to Munich and arrive at 6:17 PM—perfect timing for dinner!

Important Note

The pick-up time has changed to 90 minutes before the tour since the time of writing this article; therefore, the return train time will be TIGHT and it’s untested. However, we had 20 minutes’ cushion so you *should* be absolutely fine making the connections above. If perchance you miss the 4:06 train, you can have an early dinner in Fussen and take the 6:06 back to Munich.

The Details

Total cost (for 2): €58.8
Total time: 9.5 hours

Month Traveled
Vacation Type


  1. Christen Avatar

    Very helpful! Love that you included the cost, times, and walkthrough. Thank you! Hope you’re having a wonderful time!

  2. merishah Avatar

    Hi thanks for the information! just wondering how about the train tickets back to munich is it inclusive in the Bayern ticket?

    1. Ami Avatar

      Hi Merishah! Yes – the same ticket is good for the return too. Such a great deal!

  3. Sabrina Avatar

    Heij! Is there like a fixed timetable for the tour of the castle?

    1. Ami Avatar

      Hi Sabrina! Yes, there are timed tours, which are very frequent but you’ll want to reserve ahead. This timetable above is for the 1:55 PM tour. Hope that helps!

  4. Emma Avatar

    This is great! I’m going to Munich on Saturday and plan to follow your instructions for Sunday. Just wondering if you stopped for lunch anywhere along the way? Any recommendations? Thanks!

    1. Ami Avatar

      Hi Emma! Oh you are going to love it! :) There are a few restaurants in Hohenschwangau near the ticket center. We didn’t stop as we brought lunch and ate on the train, but you should have time after picking up your tickets but before heading up to the castle to grab a quick bite.

      One more note, the bathrooms in Hohenschwangau are coin-operated, so you may want to have a stash with you, or use the restroom on the train. :)

      Please let us know how it goes and if anything needs to be updated with the timeline! Thank you!

  5. Bhushan Avatar

    Hi, could you also clarify, about the cost / entrance fee for the castle?
    Did you take any guided tour? Is such a guided tour needed?

    I am sure its a gorgeous castle, but is it worth spending 9.5hrs to this? Because I think you spent about 1hour for castle. Rest was only travel.

    I have ONE day in Munich. Unfortunately, after booking for Munich, I find the city not so exciting, because I a doing Paris and Berlin as well. So I have been thinking to not tour Munich at all and go for a day trip like this one. Whats your opinion?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Ami Avatar

      Hi Bhushan! I think the entrance was around 12 euros. Plus the cost of the Bayern ticket, and of course it takes up your entire day. It is a guided tour. Some may disagree, but I would not recommend using your one day in Munich on Neuschwanstein. I think a day is perfect for Munich actually. It wasn’t my favorite city either, but a day would do it justice. Explore the markets and churches, and perhaps take a walking tour (we did the Third Reich historical tour and found it fun). Go to the Hofbrauhaus, etc. Here’s an article with our 3 days there (well, 2 really since 1 was spent at Neuschwanstein):

      Hope that helps! Your trip sounds amazing!

      1. Bhushan Avatar

        Thanks for the reply Ami. Having seen the pictures, my wife has already decided to spend the day there!
        Just wish to know whether yo went to the nearby famous bridge?
        And whether you did the Hohenschwangau castle nearby?

        1. Ami Avatar

          Hi Bhushan! We did do Marianbrucke – that’s where the photo is taken from. You’ll have plenty of time if you follow my itinerary. We did not have time to do Hohenschangau, and if you use this timetable you won’t either. I hope that helps and you have a wonderful day trip and vacation!

          1. Bhushan Avatar

            Your plan was perfect! Thanks! Just for the info, after 4.04, there is a 6.04 train back to Munich.

  6. Emma Avatar

    Hi Ami,

    Thanks for your reply to my question! You were right – we did have plenty of time to grab a bite to eat as there are a few restaurants and yummy bratwurst stalls dotted around. We followed your itinerary exactly and had a fabulous day out!

    Thank goodness for your tip about reserving your tickets online before you visit! I’m so glad you said to do that and that we actually did that because the queue for buying tickets on the day was INSANE! We just breezed past the queue to pick up our reserved tickets! Also thanks for the info regarding the loos – I made sure I stocked up on small change before we arrived and that was also a big help! The castle is beautiful and the tour was really interesting, unfortunately it just so happened to be the foggiest day in the history of Bavaria so we couldn’t see the castle at all from Marienbrucke which was a shame. Nevertheless we had a brilliant day trip and all thanks to your very helpful instructions!

    Thank you so much :D

    1. Ami Avatar

      Oh yay Emma! I’m so glad everything is still up to date and worked for your trip! I hope that you had a great trip to Munich. :)

  7. Daniella Avatar

    Dear Ami, thank you very much for this info, which is exactly I am looking for! indeed very useful! :D

  8. Aileen Avatar

    Hi Ami,

    I tried booking online for bayern ticket for 4 of us from Munich all the way to Hohenschwangau, however it would not let me. I checked the “local transport ” and it still won’t let me. Am I doing something ? Thanks for your help!

    1. Ami Price Avatar

      Hi Aileen! We just purchased ours day-of at the machine. Hope you have an amazing trip!

      1. Aileen Avatar

        Will do that then. Thanks Ami!

  9. Jonathan Avatar

    Thanks for this, it is really helpful. Will be there next week and have been planning this for ages. We will surely follow your advice!

  10. Hayley Avatar

    Thanks for all the details. We are going to Neuschwanstein Castle on Saturday and I wasn’t sure what time to book our tour. I am going to print this out. This helps a lot!

  11. Carol Avatar

    I’ll be in Munich for 2 days (Sun-Mon). First day we’re thinking of doing a bike tour of Munich. I thought to visit the castle on day 2 before leaving Germany. Should I be spending more time in Munich? Anything else I should see before leaving for Austria? I’ll have part of a day on the return before catching a flight back home. Thanks.

    1. Ami Price Avatar

      Hi Carol! I think a bike tour is going to be super fun, and then you could also explore the markets and go to the Hofbrauhaus, etc. Here is a blog post for the rest of our time in Munich:

      Hope you have a great time!

  12. Tiffany Avatar

    Thank you so much for this information! The Bayern ticket will be such a money saver. I was wondering if it was possible to see both castles using this Bayern ticket if it’s a matter of just taking a later train home. Would you know if that’s possible? I saw a 8:05 PM train that includes a connection in Kaufbeuren that uses an ALX train. Would that train be eligible for use for this Bayern ticket? Or do you think it’s unsafe to leave so late…

    1. Ami Price Avatar

      Hi Tiffany! If memory serves, the Bayern ticket can be used to come back later and you may be able to squeeze the other castle in. If you try, would you mind posting back here to let us know? Thank you!

  13. Audrey Avatar

    Wow this is great! I’m heading to Europe in the summer and Neuchwanstein is definitely on my to-go list.
    How long is the bus ride from Fussen to the castle?
    Just to be clear, the Bayern ticket “is valid for your train and bus tickets to Hohenschwangau”. But it doesn’t cover the cost of the train from Munich to Fussen right? Just the bus 78 cost to and from Hohenschwangau?
    By the way, would you advice booking your train tickets from Munich to Fussen before or just buy at the station? I am such a noob at train travelling in Europe :/


    1. Ami Price Avatar

      Hi Audrey! The Bayern ticket covers everything except the tiny bus up the hill to the castle. You can just buy the whole Bayern ticket that morning from the Munich train station. Have an amazing time!

      1. Audrey Avatar

        That’s cool! Thank you! :)

  14. Yaantey Avatar

    Isn’t Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau Castle two seperate castles? In your description, from Marienbrücke do you get into Hohenschwangau or Neuschwanstein?

    1. Ami Price Avatar

      Hi Yaantey! Yes, they are two separate castles, very close together. These directions are for Neuschwanstein.

  15. David Avatar

    Truly appreciate this detailed itinerary, I will be doing it next week. Makes me feel much more comfortable attempting this trip by myself, and I’m saving a bit of money. Thanks Ami!

    1. Ami Price Avatar

      You are so welcome David! Have a great trip!

  16. Larissa Avatar

    Hi, Thanks for the great deal of detailed info. We are travelling as a family of 4. You did mention you bought the train ticket on the spot. Does that mean you absolutely do not have to worry if there is no Bayern train ticket? Also, I was trying to book one but the train timing is depart MUN airport 0957 (earlier ones will cost 65 euros) and arrive fuessen 1255. And we are checking into a hotel nearby the station. If that is the case, which timing would you recommend for the castle tour? Is 4pm too late? Or should we do the next morning? I am not keen to pre-book because I know I will get stressed up trying to catch up the train and pick up the tickets in time. Appreciate you taking time to answer.

    1. Ami Price Avatar

      Hi Larissa! I don’t think 4pm is too late. After you go to Marianbruke and see the castle, the rest of it is indoors. I hope that helps!

  17. Nguyen Avatar

    Hi Ami, In reserve your Neuschwanstein tickets it mentioned Visits are only possible with a guided tour. Do you know what does it means ? We need to book a guided tour ? Thanks for your help !!

    1. Ami Price Avatar

      Hi Nguyen! Each visit of the castle is a guided tour. You cannot self-tour. You don’t need to book a tour company, you can make your own way to the castle and book your own tour tickets using my instructions. Have a great time!

  18. Bobby Avatar

    Hi Ami – we are planning to go the castle next month. We have 2.5 days in Munich and will “burn” one day for this trip. We have a 10yr old girl and an infant with us and were planning to drive instead – do you not advise that? Also what else can we do in Munich that would be fun for the 10 yr old? Thanks!

    1. Ami Price Avatar

      Hi Bobby! I actually don’t know anything about driving. There was a lot of parking so I’m sure it would be fine? Munich isn’t super kid-centric. But I’m sure he’d love the markets (there were toy stores as I remember) and the parks! There is also a swimming pool in the Olympic center that might be a fun family activity? Have a great trip!

  19. Nguyen Avatar

    Hi Ami, Many thanks !!!

  20. Beth Avatar

    Hi Ami,

    Thanks for the tips. I’d love to a photo or two from this post in my blog post about my upcoming honeymoon but didn’t know how to go about contacting for permission. I’d like to credit where credit’s due and properly ask permission to use. Thanks in advance!


  21. Karen Avatar

    Hello Ami,
    I just stumbled upon this post whilst researching – very, very helpful! I was weighing up the pros and cons for organised tour vs DIY – and this post simplified everything! Will definitely follow this itinerary. Thank you!

  22. Jenny Avatar

    Hello Ami.

    First of all thanks a lot for your fully described information!

    I would like to ask you if it is better to take the train from Munich on Sunday, using the Bayern ticket, so as to leave earlier or the Monday one would be just fine when it comes to time.
    The castle is open until 4pm, so if we begin our trip from Munich on a Monday with the 9:50 train are we going to be ok?
    I’m a little bit stressed when it comes to train timetables, so that’s why I’m thinking the Sunday alternative.

    Waiting your reply!

  23. So Suen Man Avatar
    So Suen Man

    Thanks for the superb and detailed information given, my girlfriend and I enjoyed it..

  24. Ashley Avatar

    Your blog is so perfect thank you, the ticket you got for the train, was it for the Bavaria region, is that the correct region? Thanks so much we go this summer and we are so excited and going to use your awesome tips.

  25. arin Avatar


    My husband and I are visiting Munich this coming weekend. We arrive on Saturday and would like to go to the castle on Sunday. We are both huge planners and want to make sure we don´t miss the castle becaue Sunday is the only day we are able to do it. If we follow these directions, should we be concerned that there is a chance we won´t get to see the castle on Sunday? Is it possible to buy the Bayern ticket in the airport? If not, can we just buy one when we arrive at HBF station?

    We are wanting to visit both Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein castles. What timeframe would you recommend with the added castle?

    Sorry for all of the questions!

    Thanks for your help!

  26. Emilie Avatar

    I am headed to Germany really soon and I plan on visiting Neuschwanstein Castle when I go there. I was wondering if the train and bus times you posted change during the weekend or not? Is it the same every day of the week?


  27. Mikael Aji Bagaskara Avatar
    Mikael Aji Bagaskara

    Hello, i’m from Indonesia. i have a plan to visit Munich in next September.
    I want to ask if is there any ticket counter for the castle in Munich? if you know please give me the address :)

    1. Ami Avatar

      Hi Mikael! Not that I’m aware of – I believe you have to purchase online or at the counter near the castle. Have a wonderful time in Munich!

  28. Susan Cotton Avatar
    Susan Cotton

    Thank you so much for this great helpful information. Easy steps to follow and well written. Most helpful indeed.

  29. Mirela Avatar

    I am from Romania and I am planning 5 days trip to Munich at the end of April. Your post really helped in my quest for information regarding this city.
    I am thinking of 2 days outside Munich, one at the Neuschwanstein Castle and one in Nuremberg, and hoping to buy all the tickets on line, as I do not speak German at all and it seams much easier to have everything planned ahead.
    My dilemma is regarding the Bayern Ticket. You can just buy it (or in my case purchase it on line) and “jump” in any train that you wish, to any destination, or you have to make additional reservation for the train, like date/hour etc.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Ami Price Avatar

      Hi Mirela! You can just “jump” on the train – no reservations necessary! Have a great trip!

  30. Tracy Avatar

    I tried to book my ticket online one day in advance for the Neuschwanstein Castle but the website says you must do it two days in advance now. Just thought I’d post so other people don’t run into the same issue.

    1. Ami Price Avatar

      Thanks Tracy! I will update the post with that new info right now!

  31. Noor Avatar

    Thanks a lot! Your blog helped me a lot in getting there! Really appreciate this sharing! To add on, there is actually earlier train as early as 6.53 am. It will also beneficial to get a train schedule from the information counter at the Central Station to plan your time. And, check the bus timetable when you arrived at the castle. I think the bus gap is around 45 mins.

  32. Anggia Angela Avatar
    Anggia Angela

    Hallo! should I still book the tour ticket even if i don’t want to visit inside the castle? I just want to take pictures of the front castle. I’m currently in Munich, and wish to go there in 3 days. Thank you.

    1. Ami Price Avatar

      HI Anggia! You don’t need a ticket if you don’t want to visit the inside. Hope you have a great trip!

      1. Anggia Angela Avatar
        Anggia Angela

        Thanks for the reply Ami! I went there yesterday and unfortunately there is no shuttle bus to the castle until may 7th, so visitors either have to climb up or take the horse carriage. It’s tiring to get up there, but the castle was really beautiful. Nice experience.

        1. Ami Price Avatar

          Thanks so much for the info! So glad that even if it was hard work you were able to see the castle!

  33. Gord Avatar

    I just wanted to thank you for sharing these instructions. I booked everything yesterday for my trip in a few weeks and it made the process SO much easier. The Bayern ticket looks like a great deal. You rock!

    If you could just make the sun shine while we are there, that would be great. :)

    1. Ami Price Avatar

      Oh yay Gord, I’m so glad! I wish I could make the sun shine for you, but I’ll be sending you good thoughts! Have an awesome time (and eat a pretzel for me)!

  34. Grace Lee Avatar
    Grace Lee

    is there any available bus schedule for bus 78? i going next month and i thought with the bus schedule it could really help with the planning. can i check as well, how long did it take you from the fussen train station to the castle (inclusive of the waiting time to collect the castle tickets and bus 78)

    thank you!

    1. Ami Price Avatar

      Hi Grace! I wouldn’t worry about the bus times. When the train hit the station in Fussen, there were TONS of buses there waiting, and they all left immediately when full, so I’m pretty sure they run aligned with the train time table. We probably got into the Fussen train station around noon, and we were at the ticket booth around 12:20. We breezed through grabbing our tickets and got on the next bus up the hill, then spent several minutes on the bridge. It’s about a 15 minute walk from the bridge and we still had 15-20 minutes waiting for our 1:55 PM tour. Hope that helps!

      1. Grace Lee Avatar
        Grace Lee

        hi ami!,

        yup it sure does! thank you so much=)

  35. Karin Kwan Avatar
    Karin Kwan

    Hi ami,
    i LOVE your blog!
    Btw, i wanna ask do you know what time is latest shuttle bus from hohenschwangau to fussen train station? Is there any bus available if i go back to station around 5 or 6pm?
    Because the bahn is available until night right? So i just worried about the bus. Thanks you ami hope to hear from you soon


    1. Ami Price Avatar

      Hi Karin! Thanks for the sweet words! I actually don’t know what time the latest shuttle is, however, I’m guessing it would time with the latest tour of the castle and the castle is open to 5:30 PM, so I’m positive there will be a bus back. Yes, the trains run all the way through night, but keep in mind either it may no longer be a direct train journey or they may be further apart. Have a great time!

      1. Karin kwan Avatar
        Karin kwan

        Thanks for your reply Ami! <3
        I'll keep in mind about the train, thank you for your info! It really helpfull. Xx~

  36. Amruta Avatar

    Hi Ami,
    I cannot believe how accurate this info is!! Love it…thanks so much! I have a question. I am reaching Munich on a Saturday night, have the Sunday free but have to catch an international flight at 10.30 pm (so I should be at airport by 7.30 pm I presume).
    The Füssen train can take us directly to the airport. But we will have to carry out luggage to the castle then (1 backpack, 1 suitcase & a daypack). Is there a place where we can store this luggage? If not, what are my options?
    Also, I read that you do not recommend spending the only day in Munich at the castle, but instead explore the town. I am really torn between the castle and spending some time relaxing in a beer garten. Especially since this will be the last da of my vacation. Please help me decide!! :)

    1. Ami Price Avatar

      Hi Amruta! Thank you! According to the castle’s website there is bag storage until 5:30 PM for a fee, only at the Tourist Information Center in Hohenschwangau, not at the ticket office or castle.

      If it were me personally, and I had never been to Munich, I would stay in town instead of going to the castle. Go grab a beer, maybe do a bike tour, go to the market… Here is the article from my time in Munich, if it helps you make your decision.

      Have an amazing trip!

      1. Amruta Avatar

        Thanks for the super fast reply! I am inclined to stay in town too…I guess I will let my friend decide! One last question, how would you recommend I get to the airport? What is the cheapest and fastest way? Also, do you recommend any biketours or should we just rent a bike and go about on our own?

        1. Ami Price Avatar

          Hi Amruta! We took the train from the airport. We left Munich for Salzburg and didn’t return back to the Munich airport but if we had I would have also taken the train:

          We didn’t do any bike tours unfortunately – we did do a walking tour though and had a great time. There are TONS of companies for tours, I might check Trip Advisor to choose one based upon their reviews. Have a great time!

  37. Kayla Walters Avatar

    Thank you so much for this post. Many people write about their experience, but it’s the added practical information like train times and itinerary that makes this post the tops! You’ve saved me so much work. Bless you!

    1. Ami Price Avatar

      Thank you Kayla!

  38. Surbhi Avatar

    Hi Ami,
    Very helpful information. I have been going through a lot of websites that offer tours to all the three castles. Linderhof, Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein. They are priced between 37-45 Euros per person and include the transport by coach from Munich Hbf to Hohenschwangau and also include a half an hour stop at Oberammergau. Do you think it would be more beneficial to go for this as it includes all the three castles and a short trip to Oberammergau. We would like to cover as much as possible in this one day trip. What would your suggestions be? Like these tour companies are offering all three castles in a day, I wonder if it’s even possible to do everything in about 10 hours as they are claiming. Any inputs would be appreciated. Thank you. And congrats on the brilliant job with your blog. :)

    1. Ami Price Avatar

      Hi Surbhi! Well, we were gone for about 9.5 hours (with only maybe 1 hour’s downtime) to see the one castle, so I’m honestly not sure how it would be possible to pack all of that in to 10 hours! But, the price isn’t awful if you want to try it. I’m not anti-tour, but I usually prefer to have some flexibility if it’s easy to do it myself. Will you report back with what you decide to do and how it goes? Thank you!

  39. Courtney Avatar

    Hey Ami,

    Thanks for the tips! I’m flying into Munich from Paris at 845 (international possibly with baggage) what times would you suggest for the trains and castle booking?
    Love your blog !

  40. Galina Avatar

    HUGE THANKS, this is superbly helpful!

  41. Gabriella Avatar


    I would like to know if someone can help me with the tour schedule?
    We will be arriving in munich at 8am, so we would like to catch an earlier schedule so we can come back to munich earlier.


    1. Ami Price Avatar

      Hi Gabriella! The tours go ALL day so you would be able to catch an earlier train/tour. Have a lovely trip!

  42. SL Avatar

    You said the total cost is €58.8 for 2 people. Does this cost consist of the entrance to the castle? If not, do you know how much is it for the entrance fees?
    Thanks (:

    1. Ami Price Avatar

      Hi SL! That includes the castle entrance. Have a great time!

      1. Wendy Avatar

        Hi Ami, so the Bayern ticket is a return ticket? Thanks

  43. Keri Avatar

    I just wanted to add my thanks for making this post. I hate being bound by guided tours and tour buses so this advice was exactly what I was looking for. I recently went to Neuschwanstein Castle, following this itinerary. It was perfect. Also, thank you so much for making a point to advise buying ticket reservations in advance. When I got to the ticket line, there were probably 100 people in line to get tickets and who knows how much later their tour times would have been. I breezed right up to the reserved ticket line, waited maybe 5 minutes, and was on my way. I hope you keep updating this post so that others can use the information!

    I also laughed to myself when I looked at the time when I got my ticket. It was about 12:20, almost exactly as you said. Great job.

    1. Ami Price Avatar

      You’ve very welcome Keri! So glad it worked out (to the minute!). :)

  44. Katherine Avatar

    If we have a german rail pass is it necessary to buy the bayern ticket? it was my understanding that can use any bus or train. Thankyou do much for such a detailed itinerary, i am trying to follow it exactly.

    1. Ami Price Avatar

      Hi Katherine! I’m pretty positive that you would just be able to hop on without buying the ticket, as the rail pass covers this route. I do believe you’d still need to buy the uphill bus ticket for the castle, however, as it’s a private route. Have fun!

  45. Tonie Avatar

    Hi Katherine,

    Regarding this line:
    “After several minutes admiring the castle from Marienbrücke, make your way on the marked path towards the castle entrance. It’s a 15 minute uphill walk”
    Does that 15mins include taking photos while walking towards the castle entrance? (I know it sounds funny, but i take lots of photos really haha), and I’m gonna be with my 8 year old daughter-is it a steep uphill walk or she can probably manage?

    Thank you!

  46. Dominique Avatar

    I am going to a few countries over Thanksgiving, and Munich will be one of my destinations. I just KNOW this guide will come in handy when heading to Neuschwanstein. It is the most detailed I’ve seen. Thanks! Pinning it now…

  47. Sandra Molyneaux Avatar
    Sandra Molyneaux

    Very nice of you to share your experiences. I am surprised, however, that people are finding it difficult to stay in Munich itself — world class museums, outstanding music, historically significant, manageable geography – one of my favorites in Europe. I’d skip the over-touristy Hofbrauhaus. Must admit, however, we just visited Auerbachskeller in Liepzig so I understand the lure of the “famous.” Other than obtaining castle tickets in advance, I’d warn against being over-programmed. Trains in Germany are super-easy, and each district has its own special pass(es) which often include admission to exhibits — for example, round trip from Weimar to Eisenach (with stops between) was 53euros FOR UP TO FIVE PEOPLE, including RE trains, bus in Eisenach, and entrance to the Wartburg. Just ask what’s available for your area when you get to the DB ticket counter. The local tourist bureaus often don’t know what specials DB offers. Enjoy.

  48. Jess Avatar

    Hi Ami,

    As others have said, I just wanted to thank you for your post! The advice regarding reserving tickets beforehand and taking the bus to N castle was extremely helpful. We were able to avoid the long ticket line, and there were plenty of sights of the castle along the path between pickup/drop off points. We went to see both the N and H castles and were always running close to time, but thanks to your post, I wasn’t as stressed. Our itinerary was a little different but I thought I’d share in case it helps anyone else reading this post. We did Munich train to fussen arrival 10ish am, must pick up reservations by 10:25 am, for first tour at 11:25 at H castle and second tour at 1:20 at N castle. While Google and the DB website indicate a certain time for bus departure, they don’t really follow this timetable (unlike most of the trains in Germany). Like you mentioned, they waited until the bus was completely full before leaving (which was great but it stressed me a little since I needed to pick up tix by 10:25). In any case, everything went relatively smooth from there, though I don’t know how the agency thinks that’s enough time to get from one castle to another (another couple was on the same timetable as us). For those who have time, I’d recommend visiting the H castle as well, but plan accordingly! The interior is different and there’s a lot more history/detail in the tour (about an hour). Thanks again for your post–it was really helpful!

    1. Ami Price Avatar

      Thanks so much for the details Jess! So glad you were able to see both castles!

  49. joelpurssell Avatar

    Hi everyone and especially you Ami. I have quite a simple question regarding Neuschwanstein Castle. Is it possible to arrive at the castle and walk around by yourself? Or is it compulsory to view and walk around the castle in a ‘tour’? My partner and I are travelling their in 5 weeks and we wish to catch the train and bus by ourselves to save money and possible walk and view the castle by ourselves to save money and then pay for a paraglid. I am worried however if we book the Bayern ticket and it expires at 3, we may go over this time.. Any info would be greatly appreciated especially in regards to viewing the castle up close whilst not paying for a ‘tour’ guide or group. Thanks heaps :)))

    1. Ami Price Avatar

      Hi Joel! You can walk around it but you cannot go inside without being on an authorized tour. Also, the Bayern ticket expires at 3AM the next morning (not 3PM that day). Hope that helps!

  50. Kelly Avatar

    Hi Amy,
    Thanks so much for all of the information. My husband and I are taking this trip next month and are following all of your advice! We are thinking of maybe touring both castles as well as the museums, which extends our day there. When you purchased your train ticket, did you have to indicate a return time, or are we able to hop on whatever train we would like (I see they run about every hour).

  51. Youn Avatar

    Hi Ami,
    We will be in Munich by the end of august and we are thinking of going to the N castle and maybe to the H castle as well.
    However we have a baby of nearly 2years old and i’m reading that there is a 15mn uphill walk. Do you think that is feasable with a stroller or do we have to carry him all along ? Also, inside the castle, can we use the stroller as well ?
    Moreover, I read that the Marienbrücke bridge will be closed until november :( do you know if there is another place to have great view of the castle?


  52. Becky Mitchell Avatar
    Becky Mitchell

    I see Mary’s Bridge will be closed when I was planning on visiting. Is it still worth going without getting that great view?

    1. Ami Price Avatar

      In my personal opinion (and of course others may disagree), I would say it is not worth going without the view of the castle. Of course, your mileage may vary! You’ll have a wonderful time in Germany either way!

    2. Rob Avatar

      We are planning on visiting in two weeks and it looks like the bridge is still closed. Any more feedback about whether or not to go without the view?

      1. Lin Lin Shao Avatar
        Lin Lin Shao

        Hi Rob, I came across your post. My husband and I are going in Nov. How as the castle? The website still says the bridge is closed. Also, if you don’t mind going into detail, which train pass did you get? Day ticket, regional ticket or the rail pass? I appreciate any tips you can provide!!
        Lin Lin

  53. Pallavi Avatar

    Thanks for the wonderful and easy to follow instructions. I do have a question. We are in Munich and planning to visit M castle on 16th September. It is too late to make online reservation. Any suggestions? Thanks again.

  54. Michelle Avatar

    Dear Ami,

    We are from a group of 15 people. As there is big demand of tickets, do we need to book the Bayern Ticket in advance ? If so, is there any ticket office in Munich city?
    If we want to visit both N Castle and H Castle, what time schedule of both the train to Fussen and the guided tour will you recommend?
    Thank you so much.


  55. Menha Ahmed El-Bassyouni Avatar
    Menha Ahmed El-Bassyouni

    Hi Dear,

    Can you tell me whether it would be possible to visit this castle in November, as I plan a trip to Munich in late November? Would it be enjoyable in winter?


    1. Michelle Avatar

      Hi Dear,

      Thank you very much for your kind invitation. As we will leave Munich on 31/10 and we are not able to join the tour. Can we buy the Bayern Ticket in advance somewhere in the city? If we also want to visit Castle H, do you have any recommendation on the schedule? Thank you.


  56. anoop Avatar

    hi ami

    can be use same ticket for returning from fussen to munich?

  57. Himanshu Gupta Avatar
    Himanshu Gupta

    After reservation how can we collect the ticket. Is it at the counter of castle or have to go before hand for collection. Please explain how the collection of ticket is done

  58. Roderick Avatar


    thank you for the valuable information you posted for visiting the castle. We shall be in Munich from the 5th till the 10th December. Is it a good time to visit the castle?

  59. nurul rahmawati Avatar
    nurul rahmawati

    Hi Ami

    Tx for your sharing. I plan to go to europe. It will be only for 8 days. If i plan to spend 1 day in munich, is it possible to go to neuschwantein, start very early in the morning from Munich. Get there just for awhile without enter the castle. Back to munich before 2 or 3 pm, so i still have time to explore.lil bit of the city…
    Thanks a lot for your oppinion


  60. A Bear Abroad Avatar

    I found this post so useful during my trip this last summer, thank you for sharing! I was hoping that you could modify your reservation timeline though, so other people don’t miss out on seeing inside the castle, like I did. Even though I tried to book well in advance (I believe it was 5 days beforehand) all the time slots were full. If people are traveling in the height of summer they will want to book as soon as they can! :)

  61. Ellen Avatar


    Do you think it is possible to take the 9:52 train to Fussen, and get on the 3:04 return train? I’m trying to catch a flight at 7:10pm..

    1. penny Avatar

      Hi Ellen,

      Great to hear that you are going to one of the most beautiful castle in the world.
      In total you need to allocate 6-7 hours for this trip. Try to catch the 8.53am train and return train @14:06.
      Heard that the Mary’s Bridge is closed for renovation. The view from the bridge is awesome as you can catch the whole castle view same as the profile photo.

      All the best and enjoy your trip.


  62. vidath Avatar


    I’m planning to take a train from Fussen to Zurich. Do you think it is possible after 15:00 hrs?

    1. galina Avatar

      You should check Deutsche Bahn website.

  63. jbs Avatar

    Hi Amy,

    We are visiting the N Castle in April. Is there a group rate for family of 4 for the Bayern ticket? And is 9:00 the earliest train to leave for Fussen? If we want to visit both castle, what time should we be there? are they 2 separate tickets with their own time slot or you can just proceed to the next castle after you finish one castle tour? Your posting was really helpful and now at least I have an overview of how to proceed with the visit to the castle. Another thing, ordering the tickets online, are they legit because there are so many that you can purchase and all different prices.

    Thanks you.


    1. abalada Avatar

      Bayern Ticket for 4 persons is EUR 38. In case your family consists of 2 adults and 2 children under 15 years a Bayern Ticket for 2 persons (EUR 28) is sufficient.

      There are earlier trains to Füssen. But the Bayern Ticket is on weekdays only valid from 9am. No such restriction on Sa or Su.
      You can also take the 08:53 connection if you buy additionally single trip tickets for Munich (EUR 2,70 per adult, EUR 1,30 for children 6-14y).

      If you want to visit both castles reserve King’s Tickets.
      You have to collect the tickets at the ticket center latest one hour before your first tour – this will be Hohenschwangau Castle – starts. The ticket center does the scheduling of both tours for you. With sufficient time to transfer.

  64. Linda beckring Avatar
    Linda beckring

    I just returned from Munich and used this as my primary guide for traveling from there to Neuschwannstein castle. I just want to inform you that the 8:53 train from Munich to Fussen requires a train change at Buchloe. When I got an itinary which was (of course) in german I failed to understand that and it took an extra hour and a half for us to turn around and get on the right train. It isn’t a difficult train change but I wasn’t expecting it. We did eventually get to the castle but after our reserved tickets expired so the trip was a lot more hectic than originally anticipated. You may want to add this as an update to your article

    1. Ami Price Avatar

      Hi Linda! I’m so sorry that you had difficulties! I wonder if perhaps there was an unexpected change in your itinerary for the day? As of now, the DB BAHN website shows the same schedule, every hour at :53 past, arriving at Fussen exactly 2:02 after departure.

      I hope you had a wonderful trip otherwise!

  65. Jessica Avatar

    Hi Ami, my husband and I arrive to Munich for 3 nights on May 8. We want to visit Neuschwannstein on Monday, May 9, but we also want to go on a beer and brewery tour at 6pm that evening in Munich. Can we go to the castle for pictures on the bridge, then make it back to Munich on an earlier train? Please advise. Thanks!

  66. Angelia Avatar

    Hallo Ami!

    My father and I will be traveling to Germany in just a couple of short months! This post is very helpful in planning! Out of curiosity, the busses used once in Füssen, are those operated by Deutsch Bahn? I ask because my father and I will be using a Germany Rail Pass, which is good for anything operated by DB. Not that I am not willing to pay the 3 Euro.

    Thank yuo!

  67. Amelia Avatar

    Thank you soooo much for this! I followed your plan from start to finish and I had a blast! I went there last month (end March 2016) and this whole itinerary is a lifesaver.

    If by any chance anyone wanna see a walkthrough on video, I did a vlog which can be found here:

    Drop by when you have a chance :)

    Again, thank youuu for this!

    1. Amelia Avatar

      Unfortunately there were some errors in the previous video so I have to upload a new one. Here’s the link for any of you interested :)


    2. Amelia Avatar

      Unfortunately there were some errors in the video so I had to upload a new on which can be found here :)


      1. Lin Lin Shao Avatar
        Lin Lin Shao

        Hi Amelia
        I just watched your video! Thanks for giving a visual of what to expect. What train pass did you buy from Marienplatz to the castle?

  68. anna Avatar

    Hi Ami,
    i would like to visit the castle on June.
    Im wondering can i buy the Bayern ticket card and buy the train ticket before 6 days to visit the castle??
    I saw your schedule which is only around 1-2 hrs on the castle tour. Is it fixed tour duration through the castle offical tour?
    Or is it flexible to stay longer?


  69. Berat&Monica Avatar

    We just did the trip exactly what you suggested which we thank you. Well done. We definitely recommend visitors to take time in town of Fussen before you leave. Time well spent.

  70. JudyAnn Avatar

    We did this trip on May 25. It went perfectly! I reserved the Neuschwantstein tickets before we left home. The Bayern ticket for 2 is now €28. We bought it at the Marienplatz station and used it all day. (You can buy the Bayern ticket ahead of time, but you must specify the date you want to use it. Becasue it has a date stamp, it does not need to be validated.) The train was sitting at the station at 9:30. We got on and got a seat—good thing, because it was packed by the time we left. (Not so crowded on the return trip.)

    The Marienbrucke was closed for contruction so we missed that part.

    When the tour ends, there’s not much left to see, although there are some good places for picture-taking.

    Thank you! You saved me a lot of work!

  71. Aliya Avatar

    Thank you so much for such a useful blog!
    I am going to Munich for 2days in group of 4 , and definitely want to spend second day for the N castle.
    My friend which visited the place last summer said I can rent small boats for spending some time in water. I am wondering if it’s still there?
    Also, are there any places to sit and take a snack, as far as we are planning to organize some “picnic”:) and which places are the best to sit?
    Thank you in advance ! And have a nice week!

  72. Christy Avatar

    I made a reservation for our preferred date (June 16), provided my credit card number, and was informed I would be “notified” via email if my date was available. 1) How long does it take for them to respond?; 2) Did I do something wrong? Can you only reserved within 2 days of your intended tour?

  73. Vahid Avatar

    Hi. Thank you for your complete guide. One question I have is that for some reason there is a connection bus in the middle of Munich to Fussen and it is only 4 minutes to catch it. If we miss it the next one is in an hour. Also it arrives 12:07 in Fussen would that be still OK with 1:55 ticket ?

  74. Felik Avatar

    Hi Ami,
    A bit of question
    Do I need to purchase a ticket if I only want go to Mariekbrucke and make some pictures in Marienbruecke ?

    1. Ami Avatar

      Hi Felik!

      You do not need to purchase a castle ticket, but you would need to purchase train/bus tickets. Have a wonderful trip!

      1. Felik Avatar

        Thank you for the info Ami

  75. Erik Avatar


    I was wondering if the train ride to Füssen has any exchanges in it? Do you have to get off of your original train and get onto another one at any given stop? Thanks!!

  76. Gail Avatar

    When getting to the castle if I just want to take pictures and not go inside but go on the bridge do I need to purchase castle tickets?

    1. Nicole Avatar

      No, I believe it is free to see any of the outside without purchasing a ticket.

  77. Lin Lin Shao Avatar
    Lin Lin Shao

    Hello, my husband and I are traveling throughout Germany (Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich) and Salzburg over 2 weeks. What is the best train option to get (day ticket vs rail pass?) Also, you mention getting the regional day pass for Bavaria. How is this “regional pass” different from the day ticket? I would really appreciate any recommendations!! Thanks in advance!

  78. Nicole Avatar

    Thank you so much for your very detailed time table! We followed it on our recent trip to the castle and it was very helpful. One thing we did differently is we toured both castles there so our tour time for Hohenschwangau was at 1:55 and then Neuschwanstein was at 3:55. This put us getting back to Munich pretty late but I think it was worth it to see both. One word of advice is the last train directly to Munich leaves around 6:00 pm and we didn’t leave Fussen until around 8:00 so we had to switch trains at a stop I can’t remember the name of now. The Bayern ticket was a great deal but we had to have a local help us figure out how to buy it from the kiosk because it wasn’t super obvious how to get it. The Bayern tickets can’t be used before 9:00 am so the 9:52 am train is the earliest one you can take from Munich. In case anyone is wondering, we were there on October 11th and the fall colors were just barely starting.

  79. Natali Avatar

    Hey, the regional ticket for the U-Bahn or S-Bahn can be purchased by internet or just in the central station?

    Thank you

  80. Maria Avatar

    Ohhh I followed your advise and had a perfect day. Cant thank you enough. I missed the Fussen – Munich train but took a train that went to Buchloe and from there took the train to Munich and all was well with the world!!! same can go if you miss your morning Fussen train. take any train going to Buchloe and a train to Fussen is on the immediate next platform.

    But you were spot on with your advise.

  81. devana Avatar

    So far this is the best post about how to get Neuschwanstein Castle from Munich! I will print your text and follow your advice, i know I will have a perfect day thanks to you. Thank you a lot!!!

  82. Chris Hoath Avatar
    Chris Hoath

    Mate – You are a legend. What an awesome piece of info

  83. Tracey Meeten Avatar
    Tracey Meeten

    Hi there, Thanks so much for this information and prices. I was just wondering if you are able to get up close to the castle without buying a tour ticket to go inside. Thanks for your time

    1. Tracey Meeten Avatar
      Tracey Meeten

      Just been reading back abit and you have answered my question previously – Thanks

  84. Jongbok Lee Avatar

    Tremendous thanks !
    How precise and useful information you have provided to everyone in the world !

  85. leni Avatar

    Hi..thanks for the useful tips and detail information.
    But i have 1 question, i just about to buy the Bayern Ticket online. It costs 31 Euro now, but when i read the said that “valid only for passengers accompanying a BahnCard holder who has a valid ticket with BahnCard discount”.

    I’m affraid to buy, since i don’t have a plan to buy a BahnCard.

    Can u give me a suggestion? Thanks in advance :)

  86. Aisha Avatar

    I went on the official castle website and there is one thing everyone will want to know….what are the times of the actual guided tours? You have to fill a form to reserve your ticket, yet neither the reservation ticket NOR their website indicates the times the tours begin for you to know which time is best for you.

  87. Parin Avatar

    If I have 14 day Bayern ticket, do I still need to reserve my entry in advance? I am talking about 14-day between tour ticket which grants to entry to 40 different places in Bavaria

  88. mv george Avatar

    Hi, we have seen the wonderful castle. , The guidance helped us a lot. Really I would like to write about the majestic castle in my language, ie, Malayalam for our readers. So, cheers,

  89. Scott Avatar

    Date: 18:08/17
    Just wanted to emphasise that if you catch the train before 9am, the Bayern ticket is NOT valid. I planned to go early to see more of the area and caught the 7:51 RE (?) train there from Munich hbf platform 30. I didn’t realise until I was on the train with my Bayern ticket and they made an announcement. I know you had mentioned this in your article however I missed it ☹️ .

    I could have faced a fine for 60 euro apparently for trying to use the Bayern ticket before 9am (effectively not having a ticket). thankfully, the ticket inspector was nice when he saw my Australian passport, and sold me a ticket to füssen on the spot, however it cost 30.10 euro (cash payment – seems necessary to always carry cash).
    My Bayern ticket will be valid for the trip home as it is between the correct hours.

    Just a heads up for everyone who is planning on going early!!

  90. Snehil Avatar

    Thank for the comprehensive and accurate guide of the tour – it was perfectly detailed!

  91. Rafael & Thomas Avatar

    Hey, Ami.

    We also tried to visit it on a budget but we had to stay in Füssen since we were based in Frankfurt so we decided to visit Austria as well with the card we were entitled to by staying in a hotel in town.

    You can check more in


  92. MariaV Avatar

    Hi! Do you know if isarcard includes fussen??

  93. Mrs Valerie Simmonds Avatar
    Mrs Valerie Simmonds

    On Google I typed in Neuschwanstein and Lindhof wanting to buy 2 seats on an inclusive day trip but unavailable came up from August,September . Just two day tours were listed and no more. Please can you suggest who to try as the flights have been paid for 6 Sept returning 11 Sept. I am panicking!

  94. Müller Avatar

    Thanks for you interesting article about Neuschwanstein castle! Due to the long queues at the ticketcenter of Neuschwanstein, we have introduced a our new website (English to make it more easy to book “Skip the Line” tickets in advance. With these ‘Skip the Line’ tickets we hope to make the visit of the castle more relaxing. Maybe you see an opportunity to inform your visitors of the Neuschwanstein article about our new ticket website?

  95. Joe M Avatar
    Joe M

    Excellent guide and very helpful. Thank you for taking the time to write this.

    One “update” that should be mentioned… I just booked the same 1:55p tour as suggested in your itinerary. My confirmation receipt states that tickets must be picked up no later than 12:25p.

    It appears that the pickup time is now 90 minutes prior (as opposed to 60 minutes when the article was written). This is significant as the train arriving at 12:20 will not leave enough time to get the tickets.

    In our case, we are visiting on a Sunday and can take a train prior to 9 am with the Bayern ticket. I’m not sure what options might be available for those traveling on weekdays. If no earlier trains are available, it might make sense to book a later tour time.

  96. Anuj Avatar

    Thank you. A perfect one. I will try following this tip

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