The Sassi Caves of Italy

We were lucky enough to visit Matera, Italy last year, where we enjoyed the most wonderful stay in the Sassi Caves at Le Grotte della Civita. These stone-age caves have been beautifully restored by philanthropist Daniele Kihlgren and were the perfect base to explore the village and network of rock formations and caves.

Sassi Caves Matera Italy

Fiat in Sassi Caves ItalyWeathered Door in Sassi Caves Italy

Washing hanging in the Sassi

Streets of Matera

We were served a breakfast of local produce in an ancient church and spent our evenings listening to opera singers practicing as voices echoed hauntingly around the landscape. We took our eight-month-old son and he traveled on his father’s back as we walked in the warm sun. The views were just incredible!

Church at Sassi Caves Italy

Door to a Sassi Cave in ItalyChurch in Matera Italy

Church in Sassi Italy

Matera at night


Sextantio Le Grotte della Civita
Via Civita 28 (Sasso Barisano)
75100 Matera
[email protected]

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  1. Unbelievably beautiful photos… I’m going to visit Italy in two weeks for the weekend, I will not have time to see this amazing town but I hope soon enough I will… Thank you for sharing!

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