Fall Vacations

Journey Around China

My journey around China was a hectic but thrilling experience. In a short 3 weeks I managed to visit a several places in this truly fascinating and diverse country. I began with Beijing, a city full of character and history. I saw the incredible Forbidden City—once completely inaccessible to the public—as well as the beautiful Summer Palace and (probably my favorite place in Beijing) the Temple of Heaven. The Temple of Heaven offers you a chance to watch locals going about their everyday life. Men crowd round to watch and play Mahjong, women sew together, groups sing, practice Tai Chi, and take part in water calligraphy. It is truly fascinating. Read More ›

Autumn in Copenhagen

Wandering around the streets of Copenhagen, it’s hard not to fall in love with this ancient yet modern city. From the herds of happy Danes (the happiest people in the world!) on bikes, to the copper spires and statues, it’s the perfect city for a weekend away. Read More ›

London’s Borough Market

My favorite city in the world, London is a traveler’s dream. And nowhere is the city’s personality more evident than in its various markets. Bustling, vibrant, and full of treasures, each of London’s markets specialize in different types of goods. I have a few favorites, but none more so than Borough Market. One of the best spots to spend a Saturday morning, Borough Market is one of the oldest foot markets in London, with over 100 tempting offerings. It features many of London’s well-known traders, such as Pieminster, La tua pasta, and Boston Sausage. Just thinking about the fresh prosciutto, hot mulled wine, and chocolates from Rabot Estate has my mouth watering! Read More ›

Street Art in Melbourne

Australia’s second-largest city, Melbourne is famous for its coffee, tennis, and its status as one of the street art capitals of the world. Nestled in the narrow laneways of the Central Business District is some of the most unique and colorful art in the world, created by a diverse array of artists. Far from traditional graffiti, these laneways are a true urban art form. Read More ›