Boutiques + Cafés in Kalk Bay

Kalk Bay is a small fishing town about 30km south of Cape Town. The town is perched on a narrow strip of land between the mountains of Cape Peninsula and the rock shoreline of the False Bay Coast. At the end of the 19th century the small towns on this coastline were where the wealthy Cape Town families had their holiday homes. The area’s popularity dwindled during the mid to late 20th century when much of the city’s “rich and famous” opted for the western side of the peninsula instead. In the last 20 years Kalk Bay and the surrounding towns have once again become popular, this time with the more bohemian crowd who are attracted to the faded colonial architecture, beautiful scenery and laid back atmosphere.

The working harbor and active fishing community make Kalk Bay one of the best places in the area to buy fresh fish direct from the boat. The wide variety of fish and seafood restaurants in town (ranging from fine dining to fish-n-chips wrapped in newspaper!) are a testament to freshness and quality.

Quagga Bookstore Kalk Bay Cape Town

In addition to the great food, Kalk Bay is a treasure hunter’s paradise. The main road is lined with junk shops, antique shops, bookstores, art galleries and bohemian fashion boutiques. One can spend hours meandering from one place to another in search of that random something you never knew you needed!

Kalk Bay Street Art Cape Town
Kalk Bay Cafe Cape Town
Kalk Bay Cape Town Fishing Pier
Ropes in Kalk Bay Cape Town
Docked Boat in Kalk Bay Cape Town
Kalk Bay Cape Town Lighthouse

And once you grow tired of shopping and are in need of something sweet, head over to the Olympia Cafe & Deli at the southern end of town for the best buttery home-made croissants on the Cape Peninsula – you won’t be disappointed!

Olympia Cafe in Kalk Bay Cape Town

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