Port Wine in Portugal

When it comes to visiting Portugal, Porto often gets overlooked. Most people have heard and traveled to Lisbon but not many people know the beauty that is waiting to be discovered in Porto. This breathtaking city is the home of port wine, a Portuguese fortified wine coming from the region just outside of Porto. It’s not truly considered port unless it’s produced exclusively in the Douro Valley in the northern provinces of Portugal. This is the type of place you’ll enjoy if you love tasting new things and want to discover beautiful views in a historical city.

Stacked Homes of Porto Portugal
Pink Door in Porto
Alley of Porto Portugal
Visiting Porto Cathedral in Portugal
Santo lldefonso in Porto Portugal
Laundry in Porto Portugal
Ariel View of Porto Portugal

You must take at least one port wine tour! Every tour offers a tasting at the end that is well worth it. Most tours run between $6-12 per person (very reasonable) and offer at least two different port wines. Other highlights include climbing to the top of the bell tower and taking a river cruise up the Douro River.

Douro River City View
Douro River Port Wine
Corinthian Columns in Porto Portugal


Hotel Carris Porto Ribeira
Rua do Infante D.Henrique, 1
Porto, Portugal

Getting There

The best time to travel is April with warm weather and not too many tourists. If you’re already traveling Europe you’ll be able to catch a super cheap flight from RyanAir to Porto. From the airport you can catch a short 20 minute metro ride to the heart of Porto. The Hotel Carris was only a 15 minute walk from the metro stop.

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