Enchanting Florence

While in Europe to shoot weddings in Provence and Tuscany we ended our trip in Florence. After doing some research I discovered Mr and Mrs. Smith, an incredible travel resource. With their help and amazing details and reviews I booked a boutique hotel called Floroom for our 2 night stay. Florence can be difficult to navigate and impossible to drive in (stick to your two feet).

Duomo View Florence

Streets of FlorenceCafe in Florence

We settled in the modern Floroom before heading out to tour the museums and streets. We had a wonderful visit taking in the sights and the unbelievable amount of art. Its pastel colored landscapes, bustling streets and deep roots in history truly make it a magical place with inspiration around every corner.

Ponte VecchioShopping in Florence

Arno River Bridge

Painter FlorenceArtist Florence

Lion Sculpture FlorenceDuomo Florence

Windows in FlorenceBicycles Florence


Via del Pavone, 7 and Via del Sole, 2
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