Otherworldly Cappadocia

If you have never heard of the wonder that is Cappadocia, you’re in for a treat and a new item for your bucket list! Picture Star Wars, the lunar landscape, and entire cities in the caves—it’s unlike anything you have ever seen or are likely to see again! Volcanic eruptions created the “fairy chimneys”, which are shaped like everything from mushrooms to animals to totem poles.

Valley in Cappadocia
Cave Cappadocia
Animal Fairy Chimneys

To add to the amazing experience, you have the chance to stay in one of the amazing cave hotels. We chose the Esbelli Evi Hotel. Our group of four stayed in the Labyrinth Suite and I can’t say enough wonderful things about the hotel and staff.

Esbelli Evi Hotel Cappadocia
Esbelli Evi Cappadocia
Cave Hotel Cappadocia

Our two day tour of the area took us to the Goreme Open Air Museum, Pigeon Valley, Zelve Open Air Museum, and Kaymakli Underground City, along with many other stops at the fairy chimneys. We also enjoyed a sunrise hot air balloon ride. Turkey has a little something for everyone, and Cappadocia is a must-see!

Cappadocia Church
Cave Churches Goreme
Cappadocia From the-Air
Cappadocia Goreme

The Details

Turkish Heritage Travel
2-day private Cappadocia tour
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Butterfly Balloons
1 hour sunrise flight


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  1. Laura Avatar

    Incredible!!! Cappadocia is most definitely on my bucket list!!!

  2. Ailee Avatar

    I went to Cappadocia in December, and the weather did not look like that! It is the most fascinating place ever. We stayed at the Gamirasu Cave Hotel, and it was the most romantic place ever. My fiance and I both rank it in our top three hotels in the world. Everyone must go!

  3. Ailee Avatar

    PS I think that was the same camel that tried to bite me. Fair warning – keep your distance :)

  4. Laura Ivanova Avatar

    Inspired by your post, I am planning a trip with my hubby to Cappadocia. Ami, could I ask how you got there? I didn’t realize how far it is from Istanbul. It does not seem as though a bus ride is the most desirable option! :)

    1. Ami Price Avatar

      Oh Laura, you are going to LOVE it! We booked a private guided tour through Turkish Heritage Travel (I do recommend them) and they handled our domestic flights on Turkish Air. We flew from IST to Kayseri (was supposed to be Nevsehir, but due to a Turkish Air strike the flight was cancelled), and back from Nevsehir. I just looked it up and our round-trip flights were 180 euros per person.

      Let me know if you need any recommendations – we loved our stay at the Esbelli Evi (link in post), and I have tons of recommendations on Istanbul too!

  5. ally Avatar

    Amazing place and incredible landscape..

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