Destination: Middle East

A Journey Through Palestine

Immediately upon my arrival in Israel, I passed through the checkpoints and felt at home in the less-visited region of Palestine. Never have I made such a good choice and never have I been met in a country with so much welcome! For those planning a trip to Israel, an open-minded visit with the neighboring region of Palestine is a must. Something surprising about this country is the density of its population. The West Bank has a population of 1.7 million, but is only slightly larger than the state of Rhode Island. It is entirely feasible to stay in just one city and see all of the West Bank in day trips. I found Bethlehem to be a wonderful place to make my home base. Read More ›

Ten Days in Jerusalem

At just under one square kilometer in size and predominately pedestrian in nature, the Old City of Jerusalem is perfect for both short strolls and endless wanderings. Whether you choose to focus on one of the four quarters (Jewish, Muslim, Christian and Armenian) or mix things up by viewing a number of the major sites, be prepared to withstand at least a little jostling during the daylight hours. However, if you find yourself overwhelmed, it’s easy to find respite from the crowds of locals, pilgrims and tour groups by ducking into a small cafe or quiet limestone corridor. Read More ›

Traveling through Israel

In March of last year my mother and I went on an epic journey to Israel. It’s almost hard to put into words all I learned and felt while there. I learned that I didn’t know much about Israel at all and was unprepared for the beauty that awaited me. When originally booking this trip, it was more for my mom than it was for me. She wanted to go, I love to travel, and having a week with my mom exploring a new land sounded like a wonderful bonding experience. Read More ›

Pyramids of Giza + The Sphinx

We visited Egypt in March 2012, during a period of relative peace amongst the unrest of the past couple of years. Egypt’s primary industry is tourism, and although March is traditionally the busiest time of the year, we found ourselves with Egypt almost to ourselves, with no crowds and no lines! Our first day was spent relaxing by the pool at our wonderful hotel, the Mena House, and then on day two we ventured to the Pyramids of Giza! Read More ›