Destination: Croatia

The Walled City of Dubrovnik Croatia

Croatia has recently popped onto the radar as a hot travel destination in Europe, and after my husband and I had the opportunity to visit the popular city of Dubrovnik this past July, we could not agree more. Between the amazing landscape, perfect weather, delicious food, fields of lavender, and relaxing by the gorgeous Adriatic Sea, we were spoiled rotten. Read More ›

The Charming Village of Rovinj Croatia

It was yet another beautiful morning in Rovinj Croatia, as warm sunlight streamed through our bedroom window bringing sounds of laughter from the early morning fishermen. Slowly the town awakened and the many local artists opened their little boutiques and craft stores. We spent our morning walking the meandering alleys with shiny cobblestones, polished by the many people who have walked the streets in the hundreds of years since being settled in the sixth century. Read More ›

Croatia: Europe’s Hidden Gem

When people are planning a holiday and they’re wanting to soak up the sun they’ll often look in the direction in the south of France, Italy or Greece. I’m here to say: Explore Croatia! It’s full of life, character, stunning views, crystal clear water, and delightful delicacies. Last June my husband and I visited Dubrovnik, Croatia. It was absolutely stunning. It’s such a hidden gem—the kind of place where you could either kick your feet up and listen to the beautiful ocean or take an adventure and get lost in the Dalmatian coast. Either way, you wont be disappointed! Read More ›