Winter in Salzburg

When living in Austria several years ago, we noticed that our holidays took a different pace than usual. While they were still full of all the wonderful Christmas festivities we normally had, somehow they involved much less pressure. While being far from home during the holiday season certainly has its drawbacks, sometimes a new place forces us to adopt a different perspective than the one we typically have. Austria certainly did that for us, especially when we visited Salzburg.

Hohensalzburg Castle of Salzburg

Many will recognize the city from its Sound of Music fame. And while most visitors come in the splendor of summer, a winter visit is just as beautiful as the city comes to life with decorations (not advertisements) and celebrations (not stress).

Working Horses in Salzburg
Stone Church in Salzburg
Mozartsteg Bridge in Salzburg
Sundial in Salzburg

We have a routine now when we come to Salzburg. From staying in the beautiful Goldener Hirsh Hotel to breakfast at the legendary Café Tomaselli, these are stops we make no matter what the season. But in November and December, the town squares also become home to the holiday markets, warm wine (gluwein), roving carolers, tasty treats and handmade treasures.

Cafe Tomaselli in Salzburg
Goldener Hirsch Hotel of Salzburg

Our December visit was still too early to see the town completely covered in snow, but the first flecks of white dotted the hills and the ice rink opened for its first weekend. Spending a few days here at the start of our holiday season has become a new tradition and serves to re-center us around the true meaning of the season. There is lots to do in the city in terms of visiting museums and churches, but the more we go, the more our time becomes about the familiarity of the city and the time to enjoy each other’s company as a family.

Snow Covered Mountain in Salzburg


Goldener Hirsch
Getreidegasse 37, 5020
Salzburg, Austria

The Details

Breakfast at Café Tomaselli is a must while in Salzburg.

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