Peaceful Konigssee Germany

There are few places left in the world with water both clear as the eye can see and clean enough to drink straight from the source. Located in the Berchtesgadener Land of Germany, and about an hour drive from Salzburg, Lake Konigssee is “king” of them all. Ever since living in Austria several years ago, a side trip to this lake has become a staple when we visit the area. Konigssee is one of the lesser known attractions when one thinks of the Salzburg area, but it’s absolutely worth the trip.

Snow Covered Boat Houses in Konigssee Germany
Boat in Konigssee Germany

The lake does not allow any motorized activity, so the best way to get around to the various sites and hiking paths is to take the local electric boat. As it glides nearly silently across the water, one will notice that the water gets deeper, but not any less clear. The nice thing about a place this beautiful is that it holds true regardless of the time of year. We have visited often in the summer, when hikes and sunshine make the days long and full of activities. But winter is no less striking with snow covering the mountains and trees, creating the true meaning of silence on the water.

Lakeside Mountains in Konigssee Germany

The town of St. Bartholomew is the starting point for hikes, a place to spot deer feeding in the winter, and home to a small restaurant that serves trout right out of the lake (and local beer straight from the tap). It’s also the best place to take in the views of the sheer mountain walls, where the hills seem to be alive.

Hotel Schiffmeifter in Konigssee Germany
Alpine Artwork in Konigssee Germany
Beer Garden in Konigssee Germany
Saint Bartholomew Church in Konigssee Germany


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  1. Natascia Russo Avatar

    I really don’t like traveling to cold places but this place looks beautiful.

  2. Kevin Schembri Avatar
    Kevin Schembri

    I ve found that Konigsee is not far away from Kehlsteinhaus (aka Eagle`s nest). May I ask if you managed to visit both places on the same day?

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