A Visit to the Marrakech Medina

In November, I was able to travel to Marrakech. Since this was my first trip to Morocco, I decided to head straight for the city medina (old town) to explore the ancient area and enjoy a few great photo opportunities.

Man Walking the Marrakech Medina Market
Cactus Fruit Stand in Marrakech Morocco
Colorful Tile in the Marrakech Medina of Morocco
Leather Goods at the Marrakech Medina Market

The Marrakech medina provided a vibrant display of local vendors and amazing food. While walking the streets one is able to smell hundreds of different spices and seasonings the city has to offer. Morocco has a truly unique and interesting culture and for some reason even the sky seemed to be brighter during my visit.

Women Buying Fruit at the Marrakech Medina Market
Cyclist in a Marrakech Morocco Alley
Ornate Painted Door in the Marrakech Medina of Morocco
Vibrant Orange Wall in the Marrakech Medina of Morocco

During my time in Marrakech I opted to stay just outside the city at the stunning Hotel du Golf, a Palmeraie hotel. The venue was absolutely gorgeous and provided an excellent home base for all my travel excursions.

Detailed Mosaic Ceiling at the Hotel du Golf in Marrakech Morocco


Hotel du Golf
Circuit de la Palmeraie
Marrakech, Morocco
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Stefano Santucci is a visual storytelling photographer from Florence, Italy. His style and purpose is simple: every shot must tell a story.



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