A Local’s Guide to New Orleans

New Orleans Local GuideNew Orleans has always had a special place in my heart. With its culture, food, music, and crazy cast of characters, it’s no surprise New Orleans has been nicknamed the most European city in America. When my then-fiance (now husband) and I were discussing where to spend our newlywed years, this magical place topped the list. Three months after we got married, in August 2012, we packed up our belongings and settled down in the Crescent City. Now it’s very difficult to think about leaving this incredible, colorful, and resilient place!

Read on for our local’s guide to New Orleans!

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  1. Sydney writes...

    I agree with everything on here… except! I think it’s part of our job as locals to be clear that the streetcars are not tour buses and they’re not a fun thing to ride while you stare out the window. People use them for commuting and actual transit and they’re often (very often) packed to the gills, far tighter than most tourists are comfortable with when they’re not used to the heat and carrying expensive cameras and probably more cash than they would be at home. I have heard so many times someone complaining about the streetcar because they thought it was a cheap tour, or because it’s uncomfortable (especially the St Charles Car since they don’t have AC) and most of the time I feel bad that someone is so miserable over a part of their vacation that could have easily been avoided. I suggest taking the streetcar to the part of town you want to explore and then GET OFF and walk around. You can catch a return trip easily enough and actually get to see what you’re there for!

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