Destination: Czech Republic

Three Days in Prague

Prague was the last stop on our European vacation, and I absolutely fell in love with the Czech Republic. We spent three days in Prague strolling the winding cobblestone streets. Although Prague was occupied by Nazi armies during WWII, the city remained largely undamaged, leaving much of the stunning architecture intact for us to enjoy today. Prague is a city for wandering, as each nook and laneway brings another beautiful discovery. We arrived from Cesky Krumlov in the late afternoon and started out with a stroll through the gorgeous Old Town Square and an early dinner at the outstanding Ambiente Pasta Fresca. Read More ›

The Medieval Village of Cesky Krumlov

When we began planning our Europe trip, we knew we were flying into Munich and coming home from Prague, but the middle of the trip was wide open. After deciding on a visit to Salzburg, a quick hunt of the map revealed that the gorgeous UNESCO village of Cesky Krumlov was between Salzburg and Prague, and we were sold! I absolutely loved the Czech Republic. The people are friendly, the architecture is beautiful, and stepping into Cesky Krumlov was like stepping into the Middle Ages! The town dates back to the late 13th century and, thanks to a relatively peaceful history, its historic town center is one of the best-preserved medieval settings. Read More ›

Old Town Prague

In September, I traveled to Prague with my husband and son for four days of exploring. We stayed in the heart of the Old Town with its narrow, windy streets full of (often touristy) shops and people and restaurants. We had been to Prague once before and knew it had changed a bit with its popularity. It’s not as cheap now but it is very accessible (English was everywhere this time). Read More ›