A Seaside Getaway in Busan

While visiting Korea this winter, we got away from the craziness of Seoul to visit Busan. Busan is the second largest city in South Korea and is infamous for its fresh seafood and raw fish cuisine. Countless restaurants and small shops offer live fish that customers can pick for themselves to be served on a plate within minutes.

Fresh Seafood in Busan
Street Foods in Busan South Korea
Bright Foods at a Busan Market

Haeundae, located in the eastern part of Busan, is the waterfront district. Much of the Korean population flocks to this area for vacation once summertime hits. Despite my visit being during the middle of winter, the area by the water offered a soft warmth and break from the hurried busyness of Seoul proper.

Waterfront in the Haeundae District
Haeundae District Beach
Children Playing in the Haeundae District Waterfront

Getting There

Korail’s Gyeongbu Line connects Seoul to Busan
Journey time: approx 2 hours, 45 minutes