A Weekend in Victoria BC

We spent just over a day in Victoria, BC, walked everywhere, and saw nearly everything. This is a wonderful weekend trip! We took the ferry from Seattle and walked from the port to our hotel, the Helm’s Inn. Our stroll around the Inner Harbour Walk took us by Parliament, the Empress Hotel, and Christ Church Cathedral.

Inner Harbour Victoria BC
Summer Flowers in Victoria
Port of Victoria BC
Summer Tree at Victoria Parliament
Parliament in Victoria BC
The Empress Hotel Victoria
Victoria Harbour Walk
Christ Church in Victoria
Victoria BC Christ Church

We had a fun time listening to locals speak French and watching side shows all around the port! And if you don’t mind getting a bit lost, explore Beacon Hill Park and make your way to the cliffs along the water. It was a dreamy weekend.

Beacon Hill Park Victoria
Victoria Beacon Hill Park
Beacon Hill Park in Victoria


Wait in line at Blue Fox Cafe for a delicious breakfast, and pick a local restaurant near the water for dinner at sunset.


Helm’s Inn
600 Douglas Street,
Victoria, BC
[email protected]

Kallie Buckmaster is a wife, mother, and film photographer. She hails from Florida and is newly based in Seattle. You can often find her traveling around the world with her array of film cameras.

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  1. Cyd Avatar

    Beautiful, Kallie! And Tova is adorable as always.

    1. Kallie B Avatar

      Thank you so much, Cyd!

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