Wandering the Streets of Rome

Earlier this summer I took a trip to Rome to join a few friends for a girls weekend and birthday celebration. While this was not my first trip to the city, it was certainly my first visit with such rainy weather. Fortunately for us, it stopped raining on our second day and we were welcomed with enough sunshine to enjoy dining al Fresco.

Thunder Clouds in Rome Italy
Outdoor Cafe in Rome Italy

We toured Rome on foot as our hotel, Casa dei Coronari, was located a few steps from the Piazza Navona, with all the major landmarks just a short stroll away. On our first day in the city we booked a three-hour guided tour of the Vatican. While the lines seemed never-ending, it was nice to have a guide touring us around and telling us all about the anecdotes and secret stories that happened behind those closed walls.

Fountain of the Four Rivers of Rome Italy
Empty Chairs in the Vatican City of Rome
Standing Guards in Rome Italy

On our second day we crossed the river and walked to one of the oldest areas of Rome, the Trastavère. This was a lovely area with lots of restaurants and cafés, and washing lines hanging outside, I had this idea of the Trastavère being the true Rome, and from the number of tourists we saw during our afternoon in the area, plenty of others thought the same.

Overlooking the Busy Streets of Rome Italy
Antique Green Car in Rome Italy
Rooftops of Rome Italy
Exploring the City of Rome Italy

I have always loved Rome and find myself with the same romantic feelings about it as I feel when walking the cobblestone streets of Paris. I love the derelict buildings, the quaint streets and shops, and the picturesque scenes like those straight from a movie.

Motorcyle in Rome Italy


Casa Dei Coronari
Via dei Coronari, 234
Roma, Italy
+39 06 6880 3907


Rachel is a portrait photographer based in London, who can’t resist carrying a camera when traveling. She packs her bags with a Contax 645 and lots of 120 roll films, and loves to walk the streets of Paris, Rome and New York with her camera, stopping to capture the mood of each city she visits.


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