Scenes from Mykonos

In August I traveled to Mykonos, Greece to photograph a couple’s engagement, and then their wedding in Athens, Greece. I spent a full day wandering the streets of Mykonos to soak up as much of the sights as I could. Mykonos is lined with white buildings, walls and paths that are adorned with playfully painted windows and doors in the most vibrant tropical colors. Each is unique in texture and/or color, creating its own identity.

Teal Door Mykonos
9Muses Mykonos
Red Gate Mykonos
Mykonos Flags
Cats in Mykonos
Laundry Mykonos

I visited the rocky beach and watched the seagulls wait for scraps from the locals shucking oysters, wandered to the ancient Church of Paraportiani, and visited the local street vendors. The locals were very accommodating and spoke wonderful English. I would go back in a heartbeat if I could and visit the rest of the islands! Greece is beautiful, laid back and full of visual eye candy.

Church of Paraportiani
Wooden Door Mykonos
Shops in Mykonos


Semeli Hotel Mykonos Town
Cyclades 847 00
Mykonos Town
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Marta Locklear is a fine art photographer based in Alexandria, VA. She travels worldwide photographing beautiful events.

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  1. marta Avatar

    Thank you so much for featuring my photos of Mykonos. Now to just figure out how to get back there as soon as possible!

  2. Ken Tan Avatar

    Beautiful photographs, Marta! Thanks for sharing what you captured at Mykonos!

  3. Esther (Belle & Chic) Avatar

    Beautiful…. visual eye candy indeed!!

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