Places to Travel in February

Portugal in Winter

In 2012, my closest friends and I decided to go all out for our 30th birthdays. Spread out around the world, we were obliged to choose a central destination, with the added stipulation that none of us had been there before—a tall order when your group consists of seven passionate travelers! After back-and-forth emails and Skype sessions, we agreed to Portugal, a beautiful country offering an array of experiences in one. We explored a bustling city, hiked through lush green forests, and waded into the ocean. Read More ›

Australia & New Zealand

It is a 30 hour trip from NYC to Perth, Australia—probably the farthest that you could go from one place to another and one of the most difficult places to reach. Once you set foot in Perth, you’ll feel like you’re in California but the air, breeze, sky is somehow different, and wonderfully so. Olive groves, eucalyptus trees and kangaroos surround you as you drive down the main highway south to Bunker Bay. Splurge and stay at your own private beach house, like the Bunker Bay Beach House, or stay at the Yallingup Caves House Hotel nearby in Margaret River – there’s prime wine country and a beautiful botanic garden attached as well. The beach is amazing, if you’re not too afraid of great whites! Read More ›

Cape Town

I traveled to South Africa in late February to celebrate my birthday with my mother. We began our visit in Cape Town, and spent several days taking in all the beautiful differences around us at one of the most southern tips of the world. Read More ›