Authentic Hong Kong: Mongkok Wet Market

While visiting Hong Kong with a friend, we decided to ask the front desk at our hotel for suggestions on where to visit. We wanted something a little off the beaten path, a bit more authentic, and not the typical place they might send a tourist. He suggested we visit the local food market which was just down the street from our hotel in Mongkok. The experience was incredible and one I won’t soon forget. From the smells to the colors and even the discovery of new types of fruits and vegetables (new to me at least!), the market was absolutely amazing!

Fresh Vegetables at a Mongkok Hong Kong Market
Dragonfruit Display at the Mongkok Market
Carrots in Mongkok Hong Kong
Vegetables at the Mongkok Market
Greens at the Mongkok Market

Hong Kong food markets are not a place for the squeamish! We found that most of the goods sold at the market were actually still alive. The turtles, fish and even frogs were pulled live from their baskets and prepared for the customer on site. We watched as the frogs were skinned and fish beheaded before being wrapped in paper and taken by locals to their tables for the evening. It was fascinating to see people so intimately tied to their meals. We are so distant from our food here in the US, never truly having to witness the preparation of our meat. But for the people of Hong Kong, they are very aware of the whole preparation process and the food itself is as fresh as it comes. It was certainly a cultural eye-opener!

Fish for Sale at the Mongkok Market
Fish Heads at the Mongkok Market
Meat Market in Mongkok Hong Kong
Fish Stand at the Mongkok Market
Squid at the Mongkok Market
Selecting Fresh Fish at the Mongkok Market

The Details

Mongkok Wet Market
Nelson Street in Kowloon, near Langham Place Hotel
Open early morning to approx. 6pm

Born and raised in the Carolinas, Millie Holloman loves lavender, succulent gardens, and shopping at Anthropologie.



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    loved this peek at hong kong…a world apart for sure! warmly, -melanie-

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