Honeymoon in Belize

When my husband and I were planning our honeymoon we had four requirements: adventure, rest, water and warm sunshine. To say that Belize accommodated all of those desires is an understatement. We climbed Mayan ruins and hiked waterfalls. We didn’t set an alarm for a week straight! We dipped our toes in crystal clear water while awaiting a sunset cruise and went snorkeling in a barrier reef. And my husband even managed to get a sunburn on our first day!

Beach Chairs in Belize

The Hike to Antelope FallsHiking in Belize

Xunantunich Mayan Ruins

We split our two-week dream honeymoon in Belize between San Pedro, a town on an island just off the coast, and Hopkins, an almost village-like community on the southern coastline. Truth be told, I couldn’t tell you which part I enjoyed more! San Pedro provided us with a bustling Latin American town to explore and a reef filled with colorful fish, easily reached by kayak. And the Hamanasi Resort in Hopkins gave us the quaintest and most lovely beach I have ever napped on. No matter which part of the country you choose, Belize is sure to captivate you with its picturesque beaches and endless marine and mainland excursions.

Sailboat in BelizeSailing in Belize

Tour Hut in BelizeHammock on the Beach in Belize

Blue Skies and Crystal Waters of Belize


Cocoa Beach Resort
(3.5 Miles North of San Pedro)
Ambergris Caye, Belize

Hamanasi Resort
Sitee River Rd
Hopkins, Belize


Tour the ancient Mayan archeological site of Xunantunich.

For another educational day trip, explore Mayflower Bocawina National Park and hike to Antelope Falls for a gorgeous view from the top.

Emily March Payne is a wedding and portrait photographer based in Chapel Hill, NC. She enjoys rainy days, giraffes and dabbling in film.

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  1. Beautiful crop of images! I also honeymooned in Belize, as well as Guatemala, several years ago. It was one of my most amazing travels to date.

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