Wandering in Puerto Rico

My husband and I traveled to Puerto Rico in February to photograph a wedding on the island of Vieques. The island was absolutely beautiful, but because we were staying at a resort we wanted to feel a more authentic Puerto Rico. On one afternoon we ventured away from the hotel on rented bicycles to try true Puerto Rican cuisine. We enjoyed some amazing Mofongo (a traditional Puerto Rican dish) and empanadas and spent no more than ten dollars on our meal. As we traveled back to The W, we met locals who were excited to have their picture taken as they jumped off large rocks into the cold blue water.

Detailed Ironwork in Puerto Rico
Local Man in Puerto Rico
Local Swimming in Puerto Rico
Rocky Beaches of Puerto Rico

Before we jumped on a plane back to the States, we insisted on going into the heart of old San Juan on foot. We traveled around the path of the Paseo del Morro until we reached El Morro Fort. The blue hued cobblestone streets were beautiful and led us in all different directions. In the city some streets were peaceful and we enjoyed meeting cats and dogs that would greet us from their patios. Other main roads had strong inclines littered with cars and tourists checking out antique stores and listening to nearby friendly protests. The color of the buildings was the most striking and memorable thing about the city. Every home was a unique tropical color and they all included different saints depicted on ceramic tiles near or above the doorway. The iron gates lead to patios and were rather intriguing with their gold plating and patina.Our time in Puerto Rico was truly a great experience!

Stone Statues in  Puerto Rico
White Iron Balconies in Puerto Rico
La Mallorquina in Puerto Rico
Calico Cat in Puerto Rico
Lush Entryway in Puerto Rico
Young Girl in Puerto Rico


The W Resort of Vieques
State Road 200
Vieques Island, P.R. 00765

Julie Christman is a fine art film photographer that shoots weddings, people and adventures.

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