The Rustic Wilderness of Finland

It’s true that one can thoroughly see Finland from top to bottom in just under a month. In this beautiful Land of Lakes, birch trees line the water’s edge up and down the country. During our visit to Finland we found that Helsinki and the quaint town of nearby Porvoo were must-sees in the south.

Suomenlinna Beach Helsinki
Sunbathing in Finland
Helsinki Outdoor Cafe in Market
Docked Boats in Finland
Evening Dining in Finland
Bright Red Building in Finland

If you can brave the relentless mosquitoes of Lapland in the north, you’ll most certainly be able to see reindeer, and if you are lucky, moose

Reindeer in Lapland

In Finland, the sauna is central to the culture and it’s not unlikely to see a kota (Finland’s version of a tipi) close to the sauna with sausage cooking hot on the grill.

Lakeside Birch Trees in Finland
Kota in Finland
Clothesline in Finland
Family in the Hot Tub in Finland
Drinking Tea in Finland

Unless you love the dark and the cold, summer is the best time to visit Finland when the sun goes down for only a few hours!


Marianna Jamadi is currently traveling the world, connecting the dots between her international families across the globe. She left NYC with her globetrotting boyfriend in May of 2013 and together they plan to spend the next year traveling abroad. Follow their adventures on their blog, Nomadic Habit.