Relaxing by the Sea in Kos

After a long and exhausting season of work, my boyfriend and I visited the Greek island of Kos for a much needed break. This was my very first time to Greece and I can definitely say the landscapes, people, food and crystalline sea captured my heart.

Donkey and Taxi Station in Kos Island Greece
Donkey for Hire in Kos Island Greece
Historic Church on Kos Island

Our vacation started as soon as we landed on the charming island and picked up our rental car. We opted to stay in Kos Town – the perfect spot from which to visit the island. The capital is situated in a verdant district on the northeast side of the island, at the back of an open bay. Around the port one can still see the ruins of the ancient city and eat fresh fish at any time of the day.

Sitar Cafe in Kos Island Greece
Traditional Attire in Kos Island Greece
Gyros Menu on Kos Island of Greece
Fresh Greek Food on Kos Island

Kos is full of truly wonderful beaches. Generally those on the north coast (Tigaki, Marmari, Mastichari) are a bit windy, while the ones on the south coast are sandy and sheltered from winds. Normally people reach the beaches late in the day, and as I am a morning person I was able to enjoy almost every beach completely to myself while indulging in a Freddo Cappuccino.

Local Sponge Center on Kos Island
Greek Flag on Kos Island
Street Musician in Kos Island Greece
Man Relaxing on Bench in Kos Island Greece

While in Kos I also decided to make a last minute trip to Turkey by hopping the ferry to Bodrum. Here I had the opportunity to visit a mosque, wander the market, and try a variety of typical Turkish food. Among my favorite foods were Simit, a circular bread with sesame seeds, and Borek, a pastry with spinach and cheese.

Chef in Bodrum Turkey
Hanging Lanterns in Bodrum Turkey
Street Cart in Bodrum Turkey
Street Meat in Bodrum Turkey

People in restaurants and shops were beyond welcoming and made me feel right at home in the city. This was my first time in Turkey and while it was a short and intense stay, it was a visually and culturally emotional country that I can’t wait to return to.

Blue Doors in Bodrum Turkey
Turkish Flag in Bodrum Turkey

Helpful Hints

  • Interested in renting a car to explore the island? Try Avance.
  • While in Kos a visit to the beaches is a must. I recommend Paradise Beach, Tigaki, Marmari, and Limnioas.
  • Kos offers a fantastic selection of traditional Greek food and fresh fish. My favorite restaurants were Mesogios and Sifis.
  • Speaking of Greek food, don’t leave the island without being sure to try moussaka, pita gyros, souvlaki fish, and fresh fish dorado.
  • For those wanting to make the day trip to Bodrum, the ferry leaves from the port of Kos everyday at 9:30a and is back at 5:00p. The fare is 20 euros, includes taxes, and takes about 45 minutes each way.

Elisabetta is a wedding, portrait and fashion photographer based in Italy. She travels the world to take pictures and be inspired by people and their stories.