Coastal Life in Devonport New Zealand

Devonport is a sleepy coastal suburb of Auckland on the North Shore of New Zealand. It’s the perfect spot for a romantic getaway or a relaxing sabbatical. In the instance of my travel I used the town as a destination to find inspiration, work on new ideas and try my new film cameras in an extremely photogenic location. The township itself, consisting of a single main street, is bursting with eclectic coffee shops, bookstores and art galleries. The streets are green and leafy with houses that have an almost “Hamptons” vibe, while on the water you’ll find an array of yachts moored close to clubs and the ferry terminal. Within walking distance you will find a wealth of history in Hauraki Maritime Park, full of fascinating unused military tunnels and a view of Auckland that is second to none.

Dock on the Devonport Waterfront
Wood Door in the Devonport Township
Wood Boxes in the Devonport Township
Vauxhall Cafe in Devonport
World Map in the Devonport Township
Stone Walls of the Military Tunnels
Sunny Day in Hauraki Maritime Park

A day trip to the North will bring you to a series of more small coastal towns and national parks. Shakespear Regional Park, a mere 45 minute drive out of Devonport, is full of scenic panoramas with stretching white sandy beaches, textured cliffs and headlands and a great opportunity to spot a bit of the native wildlife. Inland and to the North, there is winery upon winery and even a cheese factory thrown in for good measure. The more quaint coastal towns like Sandspit make the perfect stop for a seafood lunch.

Seaside Tree at Shakespeare Regional Park
Standing Boats on the Devonport Waterfront
Rope on the Devonport Waterfront
Underwater Stairs at Sandspit Township
Autumn Leaves in Hinterland

Departing from Devonport at various times throughout the day is the ferry to both Auckland city itself and the island of Waikeke, famous for its vineyards overlooking the clear blue waters of the Hauruki Gulf. Tickets for various wine tasting tours are available at the ferry terminal and highly recommended as a way to see the best of Waikeke while sampling the local produce at the same time.

View of Auckland from the Devonport Waterfront


Stop by the Puloi Valley Cheese Factory
Take a wine tasting tour on Waikeke Island