Destination: Iceland

Traveling Through West Iceland

During a recent trip to Iceland we spent a day exploring the beautiful peninsula of Snaefellsnes and the area surrounding Hvammsfjord. Because it was the middle of June, West Iceland never truly got dark, with the sun dipping just below the horizon before it rose again a few hours later. We drove the length of Snaefellsnes, part of the way along dusty dirt roads barely wide enough for two cars. The water was bright and blue under the black cliffs at the tip of the peninsula. Read More ›

Camping the Ring Road of Iceland

While my husband and I love camping, I wouldn’t call us avid campers. Rather, we’re just regular folks who camp a few weekends a year to get out of the city. Instead of camping locally we decided to take our gear overseas and camp along Iceland’s Ring Road. Iceland had been on my “wish list” for a couple of years and after reading all about the Ring Road I thought it would be the perfect camping adventure! Read More ›

Ice Ice Baby: Iceland in March

We exited Keflavik International in a massive storm, one of which they had not seen the likes of in Reykjavik all winter, with hurricane force winds and freezing snow whipping our faces and basically paralyzing them in a “you’ve got to be kidding me” expression. Disclosure here, I am a winter fanatic. As most sane folk from our parts head to warmth and fun in the sun—and having done that many times—we longed to see, to taste, to feel something different, a place which we could barely imagine. We pretty much have fun wherever we are (I like to think we are very adaptable), and the thought of Game of Thrones landscapes, gushing waterfalls, ribbons of neon green auroras, filled my mind for weeks prior to our trip. We had heard that Iceland in the winter was mythical, less touristy, and the weather was not any colder and in fact sometimes warmer than we have in Philadelphia, so we were not prepared for stepping off that plane that dark morning. We basically laughed like two underdressed, travel-weary, “we are insane for doing this” nutcases, trying to find our way through the white-out to the the bus that would take us to Reykjavik, the hub of our 8 day stay in Iceland. Read More ›

Dogsledding in Iceland

Iceland is perhaps my favorite spot on earth, especially during the winter, and especially at New Years. Our January 2012 trip was positively magical, and one of our favorite experiences was a sunrise (noon!) sled ride on a farm in Holmasel—about a two hour drive from Reykjavik. We arranged our tour with Dogsledding Iceland. When we arrived in Holmasel, the five of us (including our friends’ adorable 10 month old) suited up in our snow clothes and headed out with the pups! The adorable dogs were such a joy, and seeing the sunrise in the middle of a massive field of snow at one of the most northern spots in the world was something we will never forget. Iceland is a fabulous country, full of amazing people—a must-visit! Read More ›