Destination: Jaipur

Three Weeks in Northern India

I spent many months planning an itinerary, booking trains and hotels, and generally trying to perfect my three-week trip to North India. I wanted to fit in as much as I could, without losing any quality time in the cities and towns I would visit. India, being so huge, inspiring and diverse, is not a place where one can do everything in three weeks. With this in mind, I decided to focus my time mainly in Rajasthan, a region full of old forts and palaces, teaming with colorful arts and crafts, delicious food and stunning views. Read More ›

Daily Life in India

In 2011, I left a steady advertising job to fulfill a long time dream of traveling the globe and photographing my adventures. Wanting to see and experience a world far removed from my everyday life, I put India at the top of my list. Needless to say it was a culture shock in every sense of the word. From the 115 degree heat to the foreign smells, stray cattle, and hawkers at every turn, it definitely took some getting used to. But all that aside, the beautiful people, magnificent temples and ancient cities were sure to enchant, no matter where I was from! Read More ›