Adventures in Belize

Belize is not only a country filled with stunning views but also with the kindness of its residence. During my 9 days in Belize, the locals touched me with their welcoming hearts, graciousness, and beauty. My adventures began in the rural area of Belize, visiting the quiet yet dreamy vistas of the villages where nature thrives and beauty erupts. I admired how life flourished and how on the sunniest of days the butterflies and dragonflies fluttered in the fields, constantly living in beauty.

Vegetation of Belize
Cactus in Belize

After my time spent in the villages I visited the beautiful ruins of the ancient Mayan civilization Lamanai. This place possessed a unique sort of magic. Imagine walking through a thick and flourishing jungle where everything is tinted with green. Then, in a clearing just beyond the trees, you get a glimpse of the High Temple. It’s beautiful and so intricate and as I carefully climbed to the top I sat and looked out, realizing I sat higher than even the tallest trees within the jungles of Belize. During my day trip to Lamanai I saw three temples: the Jaguar Temple, the High Temple and finally the Mask Temple.

Mossy Steps in Lamanai Belize
Stone Work in Lamanai Belize
Stone Ruins of Lamanai Belize
Mayan Ruins of Lamanai Belize

My last, final and most perfect destination in Belize was Caye Caulker. This place was such a contrast from my past adventures and the perfect ending to my Belizean trip. I couldn’t resist joining in on a diving tour to explore the world’s second largest barrier reef. As we made our way to the last spot on the tour, our boat came to a halt and I saw a large shadow gliding beside us. My heart raced when I realized that it was a stingray! Our guide proceeded to tell us to jump off the boat and swim with these beautiful creatures. As I enjoyed the cool waters I began to notice that there had been 3-4 sharks swimming along with me. I was captivated at the thought that finally I was swimming with sharks! These wild sharks seemed not to be phased by the people swimming among them, they simply went about their business and I with mine.

Oceanfront Swings in Belize
Ocean Dock in Belize
Colorful Boat in Belize
Villager Riding Bicycle in Belize
Orange Beach Chairs on the Sands of Belize


Barefoot Caribe
Front Street, Caye Caulker

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