Food + Fun in Singapore

Last year I took a trip to Singapore. I was born there but grew up in the US. The heartbeat of this city is the glorious food culture—it is a foodie’s paradise. But this was the first visit where I was really drawn to documenting the buildings of the city. A lot has been written and documented about the history and origin of the food in Singapore, but the architecture and places around this small city-state also tell the story of this multicultural melting pot. You get a glimpse of its beginnings as a British colony, the influence of generations of immigrants who came from southern China and southern India (my family is third generation ethnic Chinese, born in Singapore), and all the modern flair of the first world metropolis it is today. Read More ›

Anguilla & St Barts

We visited Anguilla and St Barts right after our engagement! We flew into St. Maarten and took a water ferry to Anguilla and our vacation started as soon as we landed when we sunned on the boat to the hotel. I recommend the Viceroy Anguilla—comfort, luxury, freedom and the beach right there in front of you. Anguilla is the perfect location for the type of relaxing you do on the beach with a little coconut drink. Splurge on one of the Viceroy’s villas with a private infinity pool overlooking the ocean, and wake up every day to the sound of the waves. Read More ›

Croatia: Europe’s Hidden Gem

When people are planning a holiday and they’re wanting to soak up the sun they’ll often look in the direction in the south of France, Italy or Greece. I’m here to say: Explore Croatia! It’s full of life, character, stunning views, crystal clear water, and delightful delicacies. Last June my husband and I visited Dubrovnik, Croatia. It was absolutely stunning. It’s such a hidden gem—the kind of place where you could either kick your feet up and listen to the beautiful ocean or take an adventure and get lost in the Dalmatian coast. Either way, you wont be disappointed! Read More ›

Highlights of Istanbul

We took an impromptu trip to Turkey and fell in love with the city of Istanbul. With a city that lies in both Europe and Asia, it is a city of dualities. Buildings that date back to the Byzantine Empire stand right next to a modern new structure—the contrast of old and new is quite remarkable. We visited the Hagia Sophia that was built in the year 360. It was originally a church and then later converted to a mosque. Arabic writing stands next to pictures of Jesus. It’s so interesting to see such contrast side by side. Read More ›