Paris in Black and White

On a wet and rainy day in December, I left for Paris for a few days to fill the little lull between Christmas and the New Year. It was cold, but thankfully I left the rain behind me in the UK. I traveled around Paris by foot and metro to capture these images of the city in black and white. My main aim was to photograph as much of Paris as possible during the four days I was there. If one has the time and energy, Paris is very easy to navigate on foot. Read More ›

Three Weeks in Northern India

I spent many months planning an itinerary, booking trains and hotels, and generally trying to perfect my three-week trip to North India. I wanted to fit in as much as I could, without losing any quality time in the cities and towns I would visit. India, being so huge, inspiring and diverse, is not a place where one can do everything in three weeks. With this in mind, I decided to focus my time mainly in Rajasthan, a region full of old forts and palaces, teaming with colorful arts and crafts, delicious food and stunning views. Read More ›

Coastal Spain in San Sebastian

Last month I made a trip to San Sebastian, Spain – an area known to locals as Donostia. Situated in the Basque region with the most beautiful coastal setting, I couldn’t imagine a better place to be sent for work. Amazing weather, magnificent coastal views, and fresh local produce made this city heaven for a foodie like myself. While in San Sebastian I stayed at the Hotel Ezeiza. The hotel has the most stunning sea views and is conveniently located within walking distance of the old town and popular bars. Read More ›

Honeymoon in the Cotswolds

After my husband and I were married in Wales in May, we left on a European travel adventure throughout England, Ireland, Italy and Paris. It was a dream of a honeymoon and a trip we will treasure forever. The first stop on our adventure was the English Cotswolds, one of my favorite places on Earth. I’m a not-so-secret Anglophile, so I could have stayed here forever, happily drinking buckets of tea and eating scones. When we arrived in the Cotswolds, it felt as if we had stepped into a real-life Beatrix Potter world! Thatched roofs, English gardens, brambly hedges and sweet people had turned real life into a fairy tale. Read More ›